Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gear Tips - Bumper Plate Storage Rack

Storing your bumpers into piles is what most everyone does.  Is there a better way?
Storing bumpers on moveable platforms is a win.
We got a call today from Matthew A. out at +CrossFit Momentum in Nyack, NY.  Matthew and team run a great gym out there that is seeing a bunch of success.

We're hearing a lot of that lately...  It's great to see small businesses doing well.  Especially in the fitness industry.

Matthew called in to ask us about our bumper storage dollies.  We think it's important to not only stock your gym with great equipment, but storing it and caring for it go a long way in keeping your facility running smoothly and your equipment lasting a long time.

Matthew told us that there were two things that really drew him to our product.

  • A Solid Plate Bottom
  • The Removable Center Pin
We went with the solid plate bottom to provide a more robust platform for the bumpers to sit on and the large surface also allowed us to increase our caster size.  Our industrial strength casters will support 500lbs each.  And with four of them per dolley, we're covered.

Our bumper storage racks take the idea to the next level.  Our center column is removable.  And that's super convenient.
Our dolley with the center pin removed.
The removable center pin was just the right thing to do.  Not only does it make the unit easy to ship, it makes the bumper dolley much more useable.

The idea is to keep the center pin in place when returning bumpers to the dolley.  The pin will keep them all lined up which prevents the stack from toppling.  But, when it comes time to take the bumpers off the dolley for use, pull the pin out.  With the pin out, the bumpers come off the dolley much faster without the need to 'feed' the bumper all the way up the pin before it can be removed.

We're a big fan of smart, effective storage solutions for equipment in the gym.  Not only does it keep your gear within easy reach when needed, it also helps your gym look great and well kept.  And with storage units like the Bumper Plate Storage Rack, each size or weight of bumper can have it's own place.  That makes it easy for folks to choose when loading their barbells and also encourages everyone to put everything back in it's place when they're done.

So, thanks to CrossFit Momentum for giving us a call and thanks for letting us know you liked what we're up to.