Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gear Tips for the Affiliate - Medicine Balls

Selecting the right sized Medicine Balls can make a huge difference in how much you spend to start your gym.
Color Coded Medicine Balls make size selection for your athletes easy and they look great too.
Ok - gotta say it, I've got a love/hate relationship going on with the Medicine Ball.  Along with the Thruster, Wall Balls are my least favorite exercise ever.  I get the functionality of it, I know it's purposeful...still hate it. L.O.T.S.  But, that's a good thing.  They are a great tool and we're all about carrying great stuff :D

A quick Hammerhead Gear Tip for all you current and upcoming Affiliate Owners out there in the way of selecting Medicine Balls.  This is one of those equipment items that, if not kept in check, can drain your wallets fast.  And it's not that they are a poor investment, quite the contrary...

The Medicine Ball is a fantastic tool that can challenge every athlete from the beginner to the competition level machine.  But your budget can get blown fast if you purchase too many of them and/or the wrong sizes.

Our two most popular equipment packages are the 5 Athlete per class and the 10 Athlete per class.  And just as the name suggests, our equipment selections in those packages prepare you for that many athletes walking through the door during any class. [And we've got a little overflow built in too]

If you made perfect selections on Medicine Balls and always had the same level and gender of athletes in every class you would never have any left in the corner when the buzzer went off.  Well, that's just impractical...we know we've got to get you prepared for different mixes of athletes every class so:

Here's our Gear Tips for the Affiliate Owner on the Medicine Ball:
  • Put the bulk of your budget into RX'd sizes - 14lb for Gals and 20lb for Gents.
  • Our formula on RX'd quantites - 2 of each for the 5 Athlete Pack and 4 of each for the 10 Athlete Pack.
  • Now for the alternate sizes...
  • As a starting affiliate or even as one that's been at it for a while, there is always an influx of varying level athletes that walk in your door.  Tip:  Be prepared to offer them up to two sizes below RX'd and quit there.  If the 2 size below as RX'd is still too challenging, adjust the rounds or rep scheme for that athlete.
  • For men:  If the 20lb Ball is too heavy for one of your beginner athletes, have them grab the 14lb or a 12lb.  
  • For Ladies:  If the 14lb Medicine Ball is a bit daunting for one of your intermediate level athletes, they should be able to grab a 12lb or a 10lb ball.
  • And here's a nice extra:  Dynamax has  a wide range of colors that are available on ANY size ball.  Adding some color to them makes them easy to I.D. when it's game time and we can probably match the colors of your gym too.
We recently outfitted BearCat CrossFit out in Palm Coast Florida with a bunch of gear including this style of color coded Dynamax Medicine Balls.  When we asked them to chime in about their experience, here's what they said:

"...we agree with having the med balls color coded especially with the newer athletes.  This saves so much time and effort if the athlete had to select a med ball from a “bin” of med balls, or if the med balls are not properly stowed with same weight category.  

The size selection of how many of each size to choose came with a lot of thought.  Lucky for us we knew the majority of the athletes who were coming to us from another box however we had to think of the potential future clients.  We had to consider our demographics as our area is a retirement community sprinkled with pockets of younger generation so this played into our selection.  We considered the male to female ratio (knew we had predominately female athletes) and the potential of females who would excel beyond the recreational athlete and need to WOD with 20 lbs to get ready for a competitions using 14 lbs. With the help from Hammerhead (Steve) who gave additional insight we finally landed on how many of each size, placed our initial order and it has worked well up to this date!" - Jody P. and Cathy M., BearCat CrossFit

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