Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gear Tips - When It's Time to Expand

One of our clients, Mark P. of CrossFit MTZ in Mt. Zion, Illinois started with a modified 5-7 Athlete Package for his CrossFit® Affiliate not long ago.  In a very short time, he’s seen a bunch of success and is getting ready to expand his affiliate.  Mark wrote in the other day asking about pricing on the Concept 2 Rower.  He loves the rowers but wasn't convinced they were the next logical choice for expansion.

Like many other gyms that are expanding, he wanted to know what our thoughts were on what the next best equipment items were for his gym.  We get that question a lot so it only makes some sense to share our ideas on what we think are the next logical steps for expansion.

Many Affiliate Owners ask us about what equipment we think is the best choice to expand their gym.  See what we have to say.
A Fleet of Rowers in the Gym is eye catching and provides great benefit but when it is the right time to take the plunge?

The Concept 2 Rower is a stellar piece of US Made equipment that over delivers.  It holds a certain clout in the CrossFit® circle as an excellent tool and we certainly agree.  But, is the rower the next logical piece to expand your growing gym?  Granted, many of your athletes are improving dramatically and you want to find new ways to challenge them.

But, before you make the plunge into outfitting your gym with rowers, ask yourself how is my gym expanding?  Is it that you can no longer challenge your athletes with the amount and sizes of weight you have?  Do you not have enough heavy kettlebells or medicine balls?  Are you running out of bars and bumpers?  Normally, expansion comes by way of more clients.  And if your classes are beginning to overflow, you are probably running short of bars, bumpers, kettlebells, gymnastic rings and abmats.

Our suggestion, nearly 100% of the time, is to grow your gym with the essentials and hold off on the rowers until you've got your gym well-equipped to handle 10-12 athletes per class.  With your first purchase, you, like many others, may have opted to invest only in the basics and left Rowers off the list.  Perfect.  Burpees, Double Unders, Running and Tuck Jumps can go a long way in burning lungs and in saving you precious start up dollars.  And we're firm believers in our Golden Rule:

If you can't use a piece of equipment 5 ways, then don't start your gym with it.

Need help deciding on what is the best equipment to expand your Affiliate?  We can help.
For about the cost of a rower you can outfit one athlete with seven pieces of equipment.

Looking quickly at the numbers - for about the cost of a Rower you can equip one athlete with:

  • A Bar with Collars
  • A Medicine Ball
  • A Plyo Box
  • An Abmat
  • A Set of Gymnastics Rings
  • 190lbs of Hi Temp Bumpers
  • Two Kettlebells
In our opinion, this list just makes a ton of sense.  When you are equipped to handle 5 athletes and that 6th or 7th athlete walks in the door, a fleet of rowers doesn't do you as much good as all that gear above.  Even the super creative coach eventually has to resort to bodyweight exercises when running out of gear.  Get the essentials first so that when you do get more clients coming in, you can put a bar in their hands, have enough rings hanging and have enough kettlebells and medicine balls to keep them coming back for more.  Once you are outfitted for 10-12 athletes, start assembling your fleet.