Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gymnastics Rings - A Perfect Supplement to Your Training

Our wood gymnastics rings are 100% US Made from the rings to the straps.  Shop here.
Gymnastic Rings training is fun, brings you great strength gains and is more varied than you might think.

One of the most simple yet challenging pieces of equipment is Gymnastics Rings.  Not only are they lightweight, portable and affordable, Gymnastics Rings alone can help you build amazing amounts of strength.  Who hasn't been inspired after watching an elite gymnastics rings routine from an olympian?  They make it look easy that's for sure.  But, armed with patience, diligence and know-how, you too can use them to accomplish some amazing skills.

Ring Dips are a great strength exercise with gymnastics rings, but there even more to see here.
Ring Dips are a great exercise and there is so much more.
We've been writing on a series about building the Home Gym and gymnastics rings were the first equipment item we featured.  If you already have a gym membership and are looking for a supplement for home, rings really are an ideal choice.

Many commercial gyms lack this one highly effect training tool so adding them at home will give you an entirely new element of training.  And, you can also stick them in your gym bag whenever you are traveling.

Having a separate Gymnastics Rings station at home is the best option.  Mounting them on a pull up bar is great for Ring Push Ups, Ring Rows, L-Sit Training, Ring Dips, Front Levers, Back Levers, etc but it does limit all that you can do with them.  With a separate mounting bracket you can significantly increase the height at which they are hung and can therefore open up even more exercises such as Muscle Ups, Inverted Curls, and Inverted Hangs with pulls to supported positions, and the Iron Cross to name a few.

Are you training with Gymnastic Rings?  They are a fantastic supplement to your training.
Are you training with Rings?
Training with Gymnastics Rings is really quite fun.  Many of the advanced movements can be broken down into progressions or simpler movements which the beginner can use as stepping stones until the enough strength is built to take on the complex movements.

And movements such as Back Levers, Front Levers, Iron Crosses, and advanced pulling routines are difficult to incorporate into a group class setting because of all the varying strength and skill levels of the athletes.  And training these skills to serious gains requires more commitment than 10-15 minutes a few times a week but on off days these skills are a fantastic supplement to the wide variety prescribed in the group classes.

We've seen some great learning material on these movements on several sites but one of the most comprehensive guides we've read to date has been published by Coach Christopher Sommer. - "Building the Gymnastic Body"

Our flat bottom gymnastic rings mount keeps your rings spaced and oriented perfectly in your Garage Gym.
Our flat bottom design prolongs the life of your ring straps.
Should you decide to add gymnastics rings to your home gym or if you already hang rings from your pullup bar or rafters, Hammerhead Strength Equipment has redesigned our ever popular gymnastics ring mount.  Our new design includes flat mounting pins keep the gymnastics rings straps fully flat while mounted. Keeping them flat greatly reduces the stress placed on the strap and allows them to be adjusted easily and quickly.

Our new ring mount makes a great addition to your Basement or Garage Gym and working with Gymnastics Rings on your off days is a perfect supplement to your training.

Our gymnastics ring hanger makes a great addition to your affiliate or garage gym
Our Gymnastics Ring hanger makes a great addition to your gym.