Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pull Up Rack - Extension Kits

Our Affiliate Rigs are super strong, come with some great accessories and Ship Free!
Muscle Ups anyone?  Our Extension Kits make great Muscle Up Stations!

When +CrossFit Nj├Ârd out in Chesapeake, VA told us about their challenge when it came to performing Ring Muscle Ups and Rope Climbs on their Pull Up Rack, we knew we could come up with a solution.

Form time to time we talk to aspiring gym owners who find the perfect location to open their gym and it can have everything going for it - location, great visibility, perfect price, room for expansion, bathrooms already built, etc.  Then, there's one little drawback - the ceiling.  Sometimes it's not tall enough or in some cases as in that with CrossFit Njord, it's drywalled.

Although not a serious drawback [it saves on heating costs and looks great], it does present an issue with how to mount Gymnastics Rings and Climbing Ropes.
Adding extension kits to any of our Affiliate Rigs makes great Ring MuscleUp Stations!

We do have a few options to mount rings and ropes separately but since Mike and Joyce already invested in our 12 Pole Free Standing Pull Up Rack, we wanted to give them an additional option.

Thus the 3 foot Extension Kit was born.  Our Pull Up Rack Poles come standard at 9 feet and although we could easily make them 12 feet long, the added expense of shipping something of that length [the ship price soars dramatically on an over sized skid] is a bit cost prohibitive.  Our 3 foot extension kit attaches with two 1/4" thick steel side plates that make the extension super strong and stiff and what's more, it's compact size means less shipping costs for everyone around.

Additionally, if Muscle Up Stations aren't in the budget today, it's easy to modify your existing rig next month or next year with these great kits rather than having to buy 12 foot poles.  Even if your rig is already put together, it's a snap to add the extensions then move pull-up bars higher.

The Extension Kits work great for our Wall Mounted Pull Up Rack series, too.