Friday, December 13, 2013

Gear Tips - The Golden Rule

Need some advice on what to start your gym with?  Here at Hammerhead Fitness we've got some great advice for you.
Gear Tips help you make the most of your investment
Many have aspirations of building their own business - we did.  It takes effort, commitment, passion and know-how.  And when businesses are successful, the rewards come in droves.

You earn financial security, a sense of accomplishment, and although it can at times be stressful, most who start their own business are pursing something they really enjoy.

Part of what we do is give people some of the tools that they need to be successful.  It would be tough for a gym to excel without having equipment.  But we like to think that we are more than just another equipment supplier.  Sure...if you want pick up something for your home gym or affiliate, we're always here for that.

But another big part of our passion here at Hammerhead Fitness is helping gym owners make great choices in what type of equipment to outfit their gym with.  And once you get started, we want to continue to provide support in any way we can to help you succeed.

 Our 5-7 Athlete Package
Our 5-7 Athlete Equipment Package
One of our most popular Affiliate Packages is our 5-7 Athlete Package.  Don't let the small number fool you - this package is packed with all the essentials and more to get your gym started well.

We built it with our Golden Rule in mind:

If your athletes can't perform at least five exercises with it, then don't start your gym with it.

Startup capital is at a premium.  And even though we're not Gym Owners, we understand that well.  Our business model is still founded on many of the same principles.  We make many of the same decisions.  So, when talking with gym owners, we suggest that they make their equipment choices based on product quality and how much use the equipment will get for the cost.

There are always the essentials - we think there are Five Pieces that no gym should be without
  • The Affiliate Rig
  • A Bar and Bumpers
  • Kettlebells
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Medicine Balls
Each of these pieces has at least five uses and that means you've got a ton of different combinations of exercises available right out of the gate.  That keeps everyone challenged and interested.

A great customer of ours - Natalie at +Crossfit Corps in Tilton, NH started this past April with our 5 Athlete Package and is already busting at the seams - that's great news!  She's already expanding and making plans to grow.  Congrats Nat!  And she is just one of the many stories we hear about.

We've seen and heard, too that there is much more reward for the gyms and their clients than what everyone might have expected.  The gym owners look to pass their knowledge and be financially secure and the athletes like to see their fitness levels soar.  But what's happening too behind the scenes is that communities are being built.  It's not just come in for a workout and leave.  We're building lasting friendships, celebrating birthdays with custom workouts, raising money for charities and having Christmas parties.  That's a huge part of the reward that success brings.
Need some inspiration on how to use that equipment item best?  Check out our Blog.

One of the other passions of ours is to keep fresh ideas flowing on how to put your equipment to use. From time to time we will remember a great tip that someone showed us years ago or maybe something that we just talked about with a client today.  We enjoy sharing ideas and you'll see them pop up on our Blog and on our site as Gear Tips.  If you've got one you'd like to share, let us know.