Friday, December 20, 2013

Gymnastics Rings - Gear Specs

Here's a run down of all the specifics about our Gymnastics Rings
Gymnastics Rings are a great tool for any gym.
We're starting a Blog Series on Gear Specs for all you gear junkies out there like us.  Gymnastics Rings were our first pick in the series because of their popularity with everyone and also because they are one of the best training tools out there for the investment.

Gymnastics Rings come up quite often in our Blog because they have such strong ties with fitness.  With the help of some of the local trainers will be writing and shooting video of many of the exercises that you can do with them so stay tuned and subscribe to our You Tube Channel, too.

In the mean time, we want to give you a very specific guide to our rings including how they are constructed, how long the strap are, the thickness of the wood, etc.

Country of Origin - Our gymnastics rings and straps set is US Made from the Cam Buckle to the sewn in velcro straps.

Gymnastics Rings - we do import the Baltic Birch Plywood in sheets to manufacture our rings.  Why?  Baltic Birch is among the strongest and most stable plywoods manufactured.  Why did we choose wood?  The enchanted grip that it offers you will quickly come to appreciate during those long workouts.  It feels great in your hand, won't give you splinters and takes chalk like a champ.  If you notice that they are starting to get chalk build up or are collecting dirt, just sand them down for 2-3 minutes with some 200 grit sandpaper and they will look just as good as the day you bough them,

Dimensions - we manufacture to FIG specs.  Inside diameter - 18cm.  Thickness - 28mm

Our gymnastics rings are full commercial quality at a Garage Gym price.
Our 1-1/2" Wide Flat Black Cam Buckle is super strong
Cam Buckles - 1-1/2" Wide Flat Black Anodized.  Years ago we experimented with other cam buckles which were not as wide and also some had shiny coatings on them.  We found that for just a few dollars more we can widen the straps and cam buckle which dramatically increase the load capacity and therefore the safety factor in the rings.  Wider buckles have more teeth, larger springs - all the right stuff to keep you safe while using them.

Straps - Along with the 1-1/2" wide cam buckles are our 1-1/2" wide heavyweight polyester straps.  At 0.06" thick, our straps have a recommended working load of nearly 1600 pounds.  Our straps are 15 feet long each and since the straps form a loop when holding the rings from a pull up bar or overhead joist, the effective maximum distance that they can hang from that point is 7 feet, 6 inches.  Add the distance to the bottom of the ring and that means you can drop them all the way to the floor when mounted from an overhead bar at 8 feet high or less.  And as long as there is a two inch long free end coming out of the buckle, the rings will hang safely.
Why wood for our gym rings?  Wood has a superior grip and hand feel that you will appreciate in the middle of a long workout.
We went with wood because of the great grip it gives you.

Velcro Strap and D Ring - sewn into every one of our gymnastic rings straps is a velcro strap which quickly and conveniently stores the excess strap material when not in use.  We've sewn it in so that you never lose it.

General Use Guidelines - Gymnastics Rings are hung at all different heights from as low as the floor for exercises like the ring push up to hanging overhead for movements like the ring muscle up or front pulls, for instance.  They can also be hung at heights near shoulder level for movements like front and back levers and ring dips. Or mount them at hip height for ring rows and L-Sit and Straddle Ls.

How to Hang - The two most important aspects of hanging rings are to be sure that what you are hanging them from is structurally sound and free of sharp burrs or edges and when inserting the loose or running end of the straps through the cam buckle, be sure the teeth of the buckle are facing away from you.  If you insert the strap incorrectly it will very easily pull our from the cam buckle so be sure to test the rings safely before putting all your weight on them.  Once you become familiar with how to hang them, it only takes moments to move the rings from one location to another.  To raise or lower the rings, simply release the spring loaded buckle and pull the strap from one side or the other.