Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gymnastics Rings - Strap Storage 101

Ever been frustrated with dangling gymnastic rings straps?  Yeah, they can kinda get in the way.  But, long straps are a necessity so you can change the height of the rings from as low as the floor to overhead and somewhere in between.

And hey, if it doesn't bother you that the straps are just hanging out all over the floor, then read no more...  We get a little OCD when it comes to storing those loose ends.  And we figured that out there somewhere is someone with the same, ahem...compulsion.

Mike T., owner of +CrossFit Alpha Dog out in Lombard, Illinois gave us a call the other day explaining his frustration at dangling straps.  Mike is a great customer of ours and just didn't like how his setup looked.  He's got 10 sets of our Gymnastics Rings and was threatening to cut left over strap material to keep it from hanging.

Hold up a sec, Mike!  We designed the strap and buckle system with a cool velcro closure that makes storing the straps easy and it looks good, too.

Four Easy Steps to getting your Gymnastics Rings Straps Stored Out of Your Way
  • Step One - Hang the Rings with the Buckle on the outside of the rings below the velcro strap.  Bring the free end of the strap up to the buckle, essentially folding the strap in half.  When you've got the free end held in place at the buckle, you now have 'doubled' the strap.  Grab the end of the doubled strap and bring that up to the buckle folding it back on itself again.  Continue to grab the free end until you've got a handful.
  • Step Two - Make sure the velcro strap is free off to the side of the straps and fold the handful of strap up so that the middle of the bunch is approximately in the center of the velcro closure.
  • Step Three - Grab the entire strap bundle including the two straps running back up to the ceiling.  Feed the loose end of the velcro through the Silver D-Ring.  The velcro won't grab on yet so don't let go of the strap bundle.
  • Step Four - Reach behind the bundle and pull the velcro to the front.  Make it as snug as possible and be sure that the velcro strip is secure around all of the straps.
With the strap bundle secure, you can now slide it up out of the way.  For comfort sake, keep the buckle and strap bundle on the outside of the rings as shown.  Having the buckle low and on the inside of the rings makes ring dips, ring pushups, and muscle ups kinda uncomfortable.  No need to have the buckle rubbing up against your arms - - get it up out of the way.

Here's a quick video demonstrating how to hang our gymnastics rings.