Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stackable Plyo Boxes - A Space Saver

Our stackable plyo boxes give you all the benefits of multiple platform heights that store in a fraction of the space.
The Puzzle design means they go together perfectly every time.
The Plyo Box is one of the most simple yet effective training tools out there but it can take up valuable space in your facility.

Space in any gym is at a premium.  The more space you have, the more your programming opens up.  We've seen it happen when a few more than expected show up for a workout and the coach has to reconfigure the workout to make sure everyone has enough room.

And having adequate space for working out is important for everyone's safety, too.  Who wants to be too close to someone when going through a workout with double unders in it?  Hey, they're dangerous enough when doing them alone :)

So, along with some inspiration from Joe Celso, owner of +CrossFit Rochester in Rochester, NY, we developed the Stackable Plyo Box.  The 3 Sided Plyo Box is a great tool as well, but if you are short on space, they can take up room quickly.  Our friends at CrossFit R5 out in Wayne, PA store theirs along a window wall.  That's a great choice since that wall won't be used for Wall Balls or Handstand Pushups.
If you've got the room, stacking the boxes up against un-useable space is key.

But lining them up or stacking them against a wall can cut into the useable square footage of your space as well.

Our stackable plyo box can be a great space saver and can still deliver all the popular plyo box heights as well as many new ones that can be great for beginning athletes or even advanced users.

Each of our stackable boxes stands 12" high by itself.  Add another box on top and the height increases by 6".  With each box you add the height keeps increasing by 6" intervals.  12"-18"-24"-30"-36", etc.  We've found that the 12" height is perfect for beginners as is the 18".  And for the intermediate level athletes, the 24"and 30" are perfect for RX'd workouts.

And with our unique design and the trapezoid shape, the boxes will never stick together - even in high humidity areas.  We computer cut each box to keep tolerances just right.  And multiple, ample sized hand holes on every side of the boxes [rounded over inside and out] make them easy to grab, stack/unstack and are easy on your hands.  The unique stackable design allows them to be stacked as high as you can reach.  Even 10 of our stackable boxes will only take up a footprint of 2 feet by 2 feet on the floor and stand 6 foot tall.  That's like one of you!  Not bad for storing away 10 boxes.

Have a look at our selection of 100% US Designed and Made Stackable Plyo Boxes right here.