Tuesday, January 7, 2014

7 Ways You Might Not Have Thought to Use Your Bumper Plates

Looking for some inspiration on how to use your bumper plates? Read on.
Bumper plates are the staple for pursuing fitness and we've got more than
a few ways to keep you reaching for them every time you're in the gym.
Bumper Plates have become synonymous with the functional fitness gym.  And without them, we limit exactly what we can do with the barbell.  We've written before on how important the incremental steel weights at 2.5lb and 5lb are, but bumper plates are paramount to bringing your fitness to the next level.  And we're big fans of Hi-Temp bumpers - they're US Made and are super resilient.

For those who have been following our Blogs, you'll know that we applaud the imaginative coach/athlete.  And we like to see creative ways to use our equipment to the fullest.  Bumper plates are no exception.  If the only time they are in use is when the bars get pulled out, here are a few ideas to keep you reaching for them every time you step in the gym.

7 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Bumper Plates:

  1. Overhead Squats/Lunges - held overhead with the arms locked out or cradled on the chest, bumpers add a great challenge to these movements.  And if you already have the bar loaded up for deadlifts or some other movement, then you can still incorporate bumpers in your workout with a movement like this.
  2. Farmer's Carry - If you're looking to improve grip strength, try carrying a 25lb bumper with a pinch grip over a set distance.  We've seen this type of movement before in a workout with a penalty for each drop.  Cool!
  3. Handstand Pushups - when you're ready for deficit Handstand Pushups, bumpers make a great platform for your hands.  And if you're using an abmat under your head as a cushion then a 10lb High Temp bumper on each side makes the perfect adjustment against the height of the abmat.  The higher the stack, the harder the movement becomes.
  4. Plank Holds - increase the difficulty of the plank hold by stacking up a bumper or two [or three!] on your back while holding this position.
    Adding bumpers to the Plank Hold makes it so much more fun :)
  5. Pushups - There are at least three ways to use the bumper plate to change up the difficulty of the push up.  One - add a bumper to your back while in the plank [a little hard to do if you're on  your own].  Two - elevate your feet on a stack of bumpers.  Three - stack one or two bumpers on either side of your body so that you can place your hands on them while lowering your body.
  6. Ring Rows - Changing the elevation of the gymnastics rings can add/decrease difficulty for the ring row but adding a bumper plate or two is also a great way to change up the standard ring row.
  7. Weighted Pullups/Dips and more - One of our friends - Kristin C. out at the Pack CrossFit in Twin Falls, Idaho took a great pic of a very imaginative way to use bumper plates and resistance bands to add weight to the Pull Up.  Very imaginative, resourceful and effective.  Brilliant!
Looking for a way to add difficulty to the pull up or ring dip?  Use bumper plates and resistance bands.
If you've got a great, imaginative use for the bumper plate outside of using them with a bar, send it in or post it to comments below!