Monday, January 20, 2014

Equipment Packages - Update

 Affiliate Buyers Guide
We've excited to announce the addition of a few great equipment packages to our lineup!  Our Buyer's Guide is a great resource for the beginning gym.  You can get it for free by clicking on it over here. ---->

In it, we describe five great pieces to get your gym started well.  Recently, we've helped a few gyms get off to a great start including Camillus CrossFit in Fairmount, NY, CrossFit Vicarious in Milford, DE and CrossFit 7070 in Monument, CO.  Thanks guys!! And they all have those same great 5 pieces in common.

  • The Affiliate Rig
  • Hi-Temp Bumpers & Hammerhead Bars
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Gymnastics Rings
In addition to the core equipment pieces above, each of our packages also come with:
  • Programmable Gym Timer - with 4" tall digits, our timers are highly visible and operate easily with the remote control.  And since they are fully programmable, most any timing sequence you can think of can be done.
  • Resistance Bands - we include a pile full of bands.  Use them for assisting in mobility to providing added resistance to the pushup or pull up.  They're also great for resisted runs.
  • Steel Change Plates - we didn't forget one of the most important pieces.  The incremental weight [2.5lb and 5lb] steel weight plates are crucial to continued strength gains.
  • Abmats - great for enhancing/accentuating the movement of the situp, we've also used these during Handstand Pushup work.
  • Cable Jump Ropes - the jump rope needs no introduction.  It's a great tool that can tax any athlete.  Encourage your members to get their own rope cut to their size, but a handful hanging on your wall are a necessity as well.
In addition to all those great tools above we've got even more to offer for the gym owner that wants to take their gym just a little bit further.

Our Silver Level Packages add three more great pieces to challenge your athletes even more:
  • Three Sided Plyo Boxes - coming in at 20" x 24" x 30" - the most popular platform heights.  Our plyo box has 12 oversized handholds rounded over inside and out to make it easy to pick up.  And all of our edges are rounded over, too.  Since they are CNC cut, every box is an exact duplicate every time.  And they're super easy to assemble.  Check out our video here.
  • Our Stackable Plyo Boxes - for the gym that's tight on space [who isn't?], our stackable plyo boxes nest one within another allowing you to stack them as high as you can reach all the while taking up no more than 4 square feet of floor space in your gym.
     Stackable Plyo Boxes
     Our stackable box height begins at 12" [perfect for the beginning jumper] and each time you add a box, the height increases by 6".  Stack them up. 12"-18"-24"-30"-36"-42"-48"-54"-60"-66".  And plyo boxes aren't just for jumping on.  Use them for pass-throughs [feet behind the hands to feet forward of the hands], deficit push ups or dips and we've even seen gym owners lay a piece of PVC pipe between two boxes and have their athletes jump over the pipe (stick jumps).  Try L-Sit holds and modified Handstand Pushups too.  We shot an assembly video of this one too.  It's right here.
  • Climbing Ropes - functional fitness at it's finest and tons of fun, too.  There's something about climbing a rope that brings me back to the high school days.  Rope climbs are a fantastic way to build grip strength, pulling strength and perhaps most of all - confidence in your athletes.  We've added them into our Silver Level Packages as well.
Our Gold Level Equipment Packages add the final touches to the gym that many gym owners are asking for - Equipment Storage.

Keeping a gym well organized is always a challenge, especially after starting early in the morning.  Sometimes you just want outta there when the day is done.  We get that.  So we've crafted a few storage options that keep your equipment well tucked away when the day is done and easy for your athletes to grab when it's go time.

Our Gold Level Equipment Packages include everything in the Bronze and Silver and:
  • Bumper Storage Dollies - The 4 heavy duty casters make it easy to roll these out of the way when needed.  The center pin stays in when it's time to store the bumpers at the end of the session, but also comes out to make removing the bumpers a breeze.
  • Vertical Bar Storage - Not only is our bar storage rack a great way to protect your investment, 
    but it stores 12 bars in less than 3 square feet. And it holds all bars - Axles, 20KG Men's Bars, 15KG Ladies Bar and Training Bars.  It's base is wide enough to easily support one bar or all twelve without fear of tipping.  If you prefer to store your bars on the wall we can do that but here's a little gear tip - save your wall space for Handstand Pushups and Wall Balls.  You can store an entire collection of bars vertically in much less space than you can on the wall. Save that valuable space you pay for each month!
  • Equipment Storage Rack - The final touch that we added to our Gold Level Package is our Equipment Storage System.  With these you can store kettlebells, medicine balls, abmats and more.  Maximize you useable floor space by stacking vertically.  The more floor space you have, the more room your athletes have to work and the easier it is for you to handle class overload and last minute programming changes.
Store vertically if possible but if
you've got to go horizontal, do it
under a window bay to keep your
space maximized.
We've got a bunch of great new gear we've just announced and much more on the way.

Have you seen our new Hammerhead Men's and Women's Bars?  We've built them with all the qualities everyone likes - no center knurling, bright zinc coatings, bronze bushings and the perfect shaft diameters for the hook grip - 28.5MM for men and 25MM for women.  And we're proud to label them Made in USA!

And we've got a new Classic Kettlebell, too.  Crafted in all the popular kg weights of 8kg-12kg-16kg-20kg-24kg-28kg-32kg.  A great handle and a great price make these a fine addition to your gym.

And new Wall Ball Targets, Parallelettes and more coming next week!  Be sure to subscribe to our blog to hear about all the latest.