Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gear Tip - Add Varying Bar Heights on the Pull Up Rack

Affiliate Rig Gear Tips
Thanks a bunch to Mike C. over at +CrossFit Nj├Ârd  in Chesapeake, VA for sending us a pic of his Pull Up Rack setup.  Mike has a 12 Pole Free Standing Pull Up Rack from us along with four of our Rig Pole Extension Kits.  As soon as we saw this pic, we just had to chime in.  One of the things we really like to see under our rigs is a clean, smooth floor with no obstructions just like Mike has it set up.

We know that there are times in gym programming when athletes can be required to move from the pull up rack and back and keeping the area under the rig clear of obstructions keeps athletes moving quickly and safely without fear of tripping.

Our Offset Pullup Bar (as shown on the long side of the rig above) can be mounted from as low as 56" to 106" high in two inch increments along our rig poles.  And with two useable pull-up bar heights on each station you can construct our rig to accommodate all sizes of athletes.  With this capability we hoped to reduce or eliminate the need for stacking boxes or bumpers underneath.

A few important design features in our Offset Pull Up Bars:

  • First - they come standard on every one of our rigs.
  • Each station has two useable pull up bar heights.  From the inside the rig facing out, the shorter athlete can grab the low bar and perform chin ups and chest to bar pull ups.  The taller athlete can stand outside the rig facing in and grab the higher bar [6" higher than the low bar].
  • The outside bar is perfect for not only for pull ups, knees and toes to bar, but also is ideal for bar muscle ups.  There are no additional bars in the way.
  • The long bar station [6 feet in length] comfortably accommodates two side-by-side athletes.  And, importantly, our center strap that we've nicknamed "The Dog Bone" is 1/4" thick and completely wraps around both bars.  And we weld it on both sides to keep it super strong and super safe.
  • Each of our pull-up bars is mounted to the rig with six 1/2" thick bolts.  And we ship out our rig with enough hardware to mount each of the offset pull-up bars in a different location if needed.
  • If you need to adjust heights a week or a month later, no problem!  Our bars are easy to move if necessary.
Our Basic Cross Members can be set at multiple heights as well.  When mounted at their highest point on the posts, the bottom bar stands 7'-6" off the floor.  That's a height we've found to be the most comfortable for athletes standing 5'8" to 5'11".
Our Basic CrossMembers have an over-sized 'window' to keep you and
your athletes moving worry-free without fear of hitting your head.
And we've designed them with the same "Dog Bone" style connector that keeps them super strong.

Measuring at a full 6 feet long, the center strap conveniently separates them into two stations each and the 36" of space in each station is the perfect distance for the athlete performing toes to bar, pull-ups or even ring dips.

We've designed the space in-between the bars extra wide to provide ample headroom in that window so that chin over the bar pull-ups are safe for you and your athletes.

Quick Gear Tip - When you've got a class full of athletes and have pull ups or toes to bar programmed in your Metcon, take a minute and have everyone find a pull up station on the rig before the timer starts.  If necessary, make position adjustments to keep everyone in a comfortable height station.  That will eliminate the need to add bumpers or plyo boxes under the rig and also makes the transition for the athletes to on/off the rig super easy since they know exactly what station is theirs.