Monday, January 27, 2014

Gear Tips - Outfitting Your Gym - Medicine Balls and Kettlebells

When getting ready to outfit your facility there are a few pieces of equipment that are without equal for the benefit they bring - the Medicine Ball and the Kettlebell.  But choosing how many and what size to outfit your facility can be a challenge.  You never know what athlete makeup each class will be and being short on both these pieces will leave your athletes missing out on some highly effective training.

Color coded medicine balls not only look great but they're easy to id, too.
The Medicine Ball and Kettlebell are among our Top Six recommended pieces to equip your facility.  For the number of exercises that they bring to your athletes, they are one of the best investments you can make.  Because both of these pieces are so versatile, you can program them in the Warm Up, Skill, or Metcon every day and still maintain a high variety of movements on the whiteboard.  And both the kettlebell and the medicine ball are fantastic tools for training beginners as well.  They can be used to teach some of the more complex olympic movements on a lighter scale.

So having enough appropriately sized medicine balls and kettlebells on hand will open up a ton of options for you in programming for all levels of athletes.

So, armed with all that info, how do you choose what sizes are best to invest in?

Gear Tip #1: When Starting Your Facility - Get RX'd Plus Two or Three.  When programming, having two sizes below your RX'd weights available gives the Beginner and Intermediate Level athletes the option to grab something other than RX'd.  If you've got 32kg/24kg Kettlebell Swings up on the whiteboard, having those plus 16kg and 8kg as options will keep everyone moving, especially if you've programmed a RFT [Rounds for Time] WOD that everyone needs to complete.  And with those options, you can provide a challenge for all levels of athletes with only four to five sizes of kettlebells.  The same can be said for the Medicine Ball.  If you are considering a workout with 20lb/14lb Overhead Squats, then having 16lb and 10lb Medicine Balls available keeps those that aren't ready for as RX'd challenged but not frustrated.

Adding colored electrical tape is very inexpensive.
Gear Tip #2: Color Coding Your Equipment is a Good Idea.  All of your Dynamax Medicine Balls will be the same diameter, so getting them color coded not only makes it super easy to pick them off the shelf, it's also really affordable.  And putting colored tape on kettlebell handles is smart, too.  You can even create a little cheat sheet up on the wall next to the equipment showing what color corresponds to what size.  Color coding your equipment makes grabbing the right size piece easy and fast for your athletes and it also encourages them to put everything back where they found it. :)

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