Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hammerhead Performance Barbells | Made in USA - Gear Specs

You may have noticed some big changes on our site over the past few weeks.  We've been working on some really big projects over these past months and are ready to unveil the first [and second] in a line of products that we've been working on.

Thanks to all of our prototype testers out there who have helped us to make some final adjustments to our latest endeavor - the Hammerhead Performance Barbell.

We've produced two barbells with all the qualities that everyone is after - superior performance, perfect shaft diameters, great whip, top notch coatings and high quality alloy bushings.

The barbell is perhaps one of the most important tools in your equipment inventory.  It opens up a wide variety of exercises and it's a piece that you can program differently every day of the week.  Whether it's static movements such as the deadlift or shoulder press to olympic lifts like the snatch and cleans, chances are the barbell will dominate your programming.  And what barbells take up residence in your gym is a serious decision.  They need just the right combination of price, durability, shaft diameters, knurling and sleeve spin.

So, from a highly saturated barbell market that can present you with so many choices it's hard to decide, we've crafted two great barbells that offer all the right combinations of characteristics that deliver you a solid performer at a great price.  And we've built them to handle all the heaviest static loads such as the deadlift and back squat.  But when it comes time for needing finesse and whip, our performance barbells over deliver.  They will perform superbly to help you generate that whip to get those tough loads overhead.  And the performance bushings keep the sleeves spinning freely and all of your force moving the weight in the right direction.

Our Hammerhead Performance Barbell Specifications:
  • Shaft Diameters - 28.5MM for Men, 25MM for Women.  These are the most comfortable for both guys and ladies to maintain the hook grip which is critical for the clean and snatch.
  • Dual Shaft Markings - to assist with quick reference for handle placement we've added dual markings.
  • Knurling Depth - some bars bite your hands and some have a slippery feel due to inadequate knurling depth.  We hit the middle of the mark that keeps your hands gripping the bar well on that 30th rep without leaving you short 2 layers of skin.  It's just right.
  • No Center Knurling - rep after rep of cleans, thrusters, front squats or bear complexes can be brutal when the bar has center knurling and it's in the front rack position.  Especially for our ladies who like to train in scoop necks or tanks.  Center knurling can leave some pretty nasty abrasions.  We've kept it off to keep you looking pretty :)
  • Bright Zinc Coating - bright Zinc offers great protection against oxidation and that's the name of the game - keeping your bars looking great year after year.  They will age to a great petina and continue to keep your bar protected.  But if you are a die-hard Black Zinc or Black Oxide fan we can cost the shaft in those as well.  You need only ask.
  • Bronze Bushings - contained with the sleeves with dual snap rings, our alloy bushings keep the sleeves spinning freely from the shafts.  That means your joints are protected rep after rep.
  • Strength - at 165K Tensile Strength and 140K Yield Strength our bars provide just the right balance of strength for the heavy loads as well as whip to help get that heavy load moving vertically.
And if you are outfitting or expanding your gym, have a look at our Equipment Packages.  You'll notice we've been busy there, too.  We've restructured all of our equipment packages to now include the Hammerhead Performance Barbells standard.  We want you to have the best equipment that will serve you and your athletes well.  And we've added four more package options for all new or growing affiliates.

Thanks for all the support to our friends old and new.  We look forward to continuing to bring you the best products and services to outfit your garage gyms and commercial facilities.

We're adding videos weekly on our YouTube Channel so subscribe to see all the latest.  We just finished a series on programming our 6 Digit Programmable Interval Timer.  And if you'd like to see how easily our plyo boxes go together, we've also added two assembly videos.  Want to keep in the know with all things Hammerhead?  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel right here.