Monday, February 17, 2014

Be Content But Never Satisfied With Your Training

Is it possible to be content but not satisfied? 

That seems like an oxymoron, but I think we can be both.  When you put in a good day at the gym and get through the WOD that was intimidating or set a PR, how do you feel?  Or if we get through an entire day of clean eating, we certainly feel content, right?  But we also know that it doesn't end with one great day.  We've got to continue on.

I saw this Facebook Post from CrossFit 716 yesterday and it made me think:

We all have demons, excuses, problems and troubles. Running from those problems will never make them go away.  It will never provide resolution.  We are best at lying to ourselves.  Convincing ourselves of a truth we fabricated to create comfort with our shortcomings.  However, many people do not realize we are just being self saboteurs.  We need to be honest with ourselves regularly to ultimately attain success.
Two excellent examples.  How is your eating?  Not that bad, don't lie to me.  If I told you that you would receive a $1,000,000 for eating exactly the way I told you to, what would you have to change?  If that list is more than two items you are fooling yourself.
How do you spend your open gym time or at home gym time?  Do you practice the things you hate the most?  Do you practice your weakest links?  Or are you working on what you are already good at because it strokes your ego?  Are you working on a very, very specific skill that has little practical application?  Exactly.  Work on your biggest weaknesses and stop avoiding the gym because you don't like the programmed workout.  Chances are you probably need to be doing it and not hiding from it.
We are masters of self deceit.  Allow us to help you continue to pursue your goals, to become better to become your best.  Do not fool yourself into complacency.  You will never end up happy that way.
Always be challenging yourself in new and different ways.  Keep up the great work, be happy but never satisfied.

"We are masters of self deceit..." and "...are just being self saboteurs..."  Ouch.  Those statements hurt, but they are true.  Our body will always want to:

  • quit early
  • find the easy way out
  • count that rep that was questionable
  • take that extra breath
  • take a day off
  • tell you that you are good enough
  • tell you that you deserve a break
  • cheat on the diet
  • work only on the skills you are good at
  • come up with excuses to keep you from your goals

Until we realize that we can be our own worst enemy can we truly be successful?  Nope. I believe in sowing and reaping.  You get out of something exactly what you put into it.  Yes there are circumstances beyond our control that can interrupt our goals but by and large, hard work, consistency and determination delivers success and nothing else.

So when or how can I ever be happy about my training you ask?  If we're never content, what is the motivation to continue on?  

Be happy with the results, but not with the path that gets you there.