Monday, March 3, 2014

The 6 Digit Programmable Timer - Video User Manual

One of our best selling timers for the Garage Gym and Commercial CrossFit Affiliate is our Six Digit Programmable  Gym Timer.  What makes is so popular is the flexibility that it provides in being able to program most any timing sequence you can think of to keep your workouts varied and effective.

This Timer is capable for running the following programs:
  • Count Up from Zero to a preset time
  • Count Down to Zero from a preset time
  • Stopwatch with Tenths and Hundreths that can count to 99 minutes
  • The Tabata Interval [20 secs work, 10 secs rest x 8 rounds]
  • The Fight Gone Bad program [17 - 1 minute intervals]
  • Custom Interval Program - program any sequence of work-rest-work-rest, etc with durations from as little as 1 second to over 99 minutes.

Additionally, our six digit programmable timer can count rounds with the touch of a button!  When you are in the middle of an AMRAP [As Many Rounds As Possible] and want to keep track of your rounds other than writing with chalk on the floor, the blue digits act as round counters with just a button press.  At each button press, the counter increases by one, ex 00, 01, 02, 03...  And at the conclusion of the workout time, the rounds counted stays visible on the timer until you hit the reset button.

Athough we do have a digital manual to guide you through the operation of the gym timer, we also recognize that a video walk through can take a lot of the mystery out of programming the timer so as was requested by a few of our customers, here's a rundown of our timer's features:

Count Up from Zero - One of the most commonly used programming sequences, it's name says it all.  Turn the timer on and go.  The twist with this sequence is that the timer ends when you tell it to.  You can set it to shut off at 8:00 minutes, 20:00 minutes or anywhere you want.  The great feature about this sequence is that it is also compatible with the Round Counter.  So, when you are cranking out an AMRAP, hit the up arrow for each round completed and our timer keeps score.  Kinda cool.


Count Down to Zero - The cousin of the Count Up from Zero Mode, counting down from a preset number is just a different mind game.  Both modes count off exactly the same amount of time.  This Mode starts at the preset number and counts down to zero.  And like the Count Up Mode, the Count Down feature is also compatible with the Round Counter.


The Stopwatch Mode - Simple, yet not without usefulness, the Stopwatch mode is a quick way to get the timer in counting mode without having to use a program.  Just hit the Up Arrow and you're off.  It will continue to count until you tell it not to.  Just what you need for those Hero WODs.  This could get ugly.


The Tabata Interval Mode - The ever popular High Intensity Interval Training Tool, Professor Tabata became a household name in CrossFit for his research on this timing sequence adopted by the coach of the Japanese Speed Skating Olympic Team.  20 Seconds of Work followed by 10 seconds of rest - 8 Rounds.  This program humbles even the highest level of athlete.  It's all about the intensity.


Custom Interval Programming - Have your own special torture, I mean, timing sequence?  No fear.  Our Programmable Timer is up to the task.  In our Custom Interval Mode, your imagination meets reality.  In this mode you can program up to 99 work periods and 99 rest periods before the final beep.  This one is gonna hurt.


Counting Rounds with The 6 Digit Programmable Gym Timer - One feature we're super proud of is the Round Counter.  Admittedly, this works best when working solo, but keeping track of your rounds while working out by pushing a button on the remote is cool.  And if all you have handy is chalk to keep track then hey, we just saved you from having to get out the mop to clean up.  You can thank us later.


The timer makes a serious bid for one of the more useful tools in your Garage Gym or Affiliate and even though you can't squat with it or swing it, it might very well be the key to achieving some serious levels of fitness.  You demanded more out of the timer and we've delivered.  Get the Programmable 6 Digit Timer right here.