Friday, April 4, 2014

Home Gym Equipment - Outfitting Your Garage or Basement the Right Way

Now that Spring has sprung and Garages are emptying out, it's time to think about starting a new Home Gym or expanding your current one.  If you've never worked out in a Garage before with the door wide open, it's an amazing experience.  Sure, you might get some funny looks from the neighbors or they just might even want to join you.  One of the things that I really love about the garage gym is the freedom to add a run in the middle of my workout.  There is nothing like cranking out pull ups or muscle ups after you've come back in from a 400M sprint.  And if there's a nice breeze outside or even a light rain, it really adds to the enjoyment.

To answer that desire to build a great home gym, we've added a whole new lineup of Home Gym equipment packages that are all about getting the most out of your hard earned dollar all the while getting you the most useful and multipurpose equipment out there that will keep your workouts varied and challenging.

And we recognize that not only is budget important when thinking about what equipment you need, but portability and overall scale rank high as well.  That's why every one of our garage gym packages are filled with equipment that can easily be stowed away when you've got to get the cars back in the garage and also easy to move out front and center when it's time to get to work.

In every one of our packages are those pieces that you can literally perform hundreds of workouts with and never repeat the same one.  One highlight in each of our home gym equipment deals is the fact that you get your choice of three kettlebells.
And that's not by mistake.  The kettlebell is one of the most important and most useful pieces you could ever own.  And because the kettlebell can be moved to three different points on your body [hip, shoulder and overhead], it's a smart idea to own three different weights to provide a challenge for each of those three movement points.  Want to read more on that?  Here's some food for thought on how to select the right size kettlebells.

We have also included two great pieces of equipment that will get you moving your body weight - our wall mounted Pull Up Bar and a set of our premium wood gymnastics rings.

Both of these pieces are super compact and won't get in the way when it's time to move the cars back in.  But more importantly, both of these pieces get you a fantastic workout for the investment.  And we just can't say enough good things about gymnastics rings.  They are the one single piece of equipment that can be used in a ton of different ways and can challenge the beginning level athlete to the advanced.  Think you're just not ready for them?  Here's a quick guide for using gymnastics rings for the beginner.

Of course, none of our packages would be complete without a great all purpose barbell and a hefty sized set of bumper plates.  To get strong, you've got to pick up heavy stuff and with 190# of bumpers you are all set to challenge your mettle.  And somewhat often overlooked, we've also included 15# worth of steel change plates.  The incremental plate is critical to strength gains and without them you just can't load the bar to a wide variety of weights.

In addition to these five great pieces, we've also included a medicine ball of your choice.  The medicine ball is a great tool to add intensity to body weight movements either in the warmup or even in the workout.  Held overhead for lunges or squats or thrown against the wall during situps, the medicine ball can play a big part in your conditioning.  Held between the feet or knees for weighted pull-ups and ring dips, the medicine ball can help train your body for higher rep workouts, too.

And for those looking for a bit more, we've included upgrade options to include our ever-popular three sided plyo box, a gym timer and even a Concept 2 Model D Rower.  Ready to build your new Garage Gym with Hammerhead Fitness?

Let's do this.