Friday, May 30, 2014

A Great New Way to Use the 3 Sided Plyo Box

We've always been big fans of multi purpose equipment and always will be.  Finding innovative ways to use our equipment or build upon it's usefulness is a win for everyone.

Our philosophy behind all of our Equipment Packages either for the Commercial Facility or the Garage Gym is to outfit athletes with the most useful and effective equipment possible.  And we like pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box every day.

Our Hammerhead Oly Blox does just that.  One thing that we've all come to understand is that constantly varied training can skyrocket our fitness levels and even adjusting the range of motion of a movement is a variation that keeps our body from adapting.

Waffle core design in the Top Block makes it super strong
We are huge fans of the Plyo Box.  We sat down with a well respected trainer in our area, Adam Cristantello a while back and learned that not only is the plyo box a tool for enhancing overall work capacity, the movements involved in the exercise are those of triple flexion and triple extension which are skills necessary for success in lifts like the Clean and Snatch.

Adam's insight into the plyo box really got us thinking about how to expand its usefulness.  And as important as the plyo box is to training, it can be somewhat limited in it's versatility.  Until now, that is.

Our 4" Riser Blocks can be stacked indefinitely
We engineered our innovative, stackable Oly Blox to accomplish two major goals:

Provide a more cost effective solution for a mid-to-high level lifting platform.  Many stackable lifting blocks on the market currently are a series of varying height blocks that must be purchased in large sets to achieve heights necessary to work on shoulder height technique such as the Jerk.  Utilizing our 3 Sided Plyo Boxes, our Oly Blox gain 24" of height with a piece of equipment that is already in your gym.*

Allow for a more stable bonded rubber top plyometric platform that is adjustable in height.  Athletes and coaches are always pushing their boundaries.  That's a requirement for growth.  We've seen a few different approaches to increasing platform height - most involve stacking bumpers [19" diameter] on the top of a 3 Sided Plyo Box.  Granted, that's innovative, but bumpers have a round landing surface of under 2 Square Feet.  It can be a bit of a challenge to bullseye.  Our Oly Blox top block has a non-skid bonded rubber top with a rectangular landing surface of over 4 Square Feet.  And the nesting feature of the Oly Blox means they stack securely.

Used from the floor or nested on top of our 3 Sided Plyo Boxes, the Hammerhead Oly Blox work great as lifting blocks when used in pairs or can also be used as individual jump platforms.

Stretch the usefulness of your equipment and keep your training varied - with Hammerhead Fitness Strength Equipment.

See our lineup of Oly Blox and Plyo Box Packages right here.

*Oly Blox are guaranteed for use only with the Hammerhead 3 Sided Plyo Box.  Other boxes may be dimensionally correct but may be structurally inadequate.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kickstart Your Gym - Two Great Things to Keep In Mind

We love hearing about success stories and this past week we heard one that we've just got to share.  Our new friends Motivus CrossFit out in Spartanburg, SC reached out to us a few months ago about a new gym they wanted to start out on the Rail Trail in Spartanburg.  Zac and Glenn have done a bunch of things right to spur their success, but two main things that really impressed us were:

  • Gym Location Research
  • Their Founding Member Plan

Zac was sitting at the dock of their potential location for his gym when he called to discuss our opportunity to work together.  As he was telling me about what equipment made sense, I was asking about his location - how big, how high are the ceilings and did he have outside access.  One subject that comes up often as we talk with potential gym owners is accessibility to get their athletes outside to run.  Having a gym with good outside access can save a ton of startup costs since running can be a great alternative to rowing machines.  Rowers are stellar at what they do and provide immediate feedback, but they do come with a high price tag.

As Zac and I were talking, he was in view of the Mary Black Rail Trail right from his new gym location.  He and his business partner Glenn had done their research on this location well.  Here's an excerpt from one website that talks about the Rail Trail:

This is the most popular walking and cycling trail in Spartanburg County, and one of the finest rails-to-trail projects to be found anywhere. Completed and opened in 2004, the Mary Black Rail Trail is a 2-mile long trail just south of downtown. Bikes are available for rent from the B-Cycle station at the trailhead at Henry and Union streets. Adjacent to the state-of-the-art YMCA that opened in 2012, the Rail Trail also passes by the City's first dog park, the appropriately named Rail Tail, whose entrance sits just across from Duncan Park on Union Street. 
City bicycle police patrol the Rail Trail regularly, and on most days, dozens of people can be found strolling, jogging, biking, and skating on the trail from just before sunrise to well after dark. Watch out for announcements of special events on the trail throughout the year!

As I'm listening to Zac, I'm beginning to realize that he's really got his act together.  And as we are talking, he is telling me how many runners and bikers have already passed by just in the time we've been on the phone.  This location not only has high foot traffic, it's the right foot traffic.  Well done.

So I congratulated Zac on his choice of location and we continued to talk about his equipment needs over the next few days.  We talked a lot about our 5 Athlete Equipment Package which outfits a startup gym very well and is packed with the equipment that allows a wide variety of programming.  We made a few changes to the package and when Zac called a few weeks later, we sent it out.

Now normally, that would be the end of the story for a few months.  It can take some time to grow the membership, market your gym and start getting attention from the community.  This was not the case with CrossFit Motivus, however.  Zac called me about a week after we sent out his package and asked for a bunch more.  That's impressive.  Here's why CrossFit Motivus was able to expand the gym membership so quickly:

Zac and Glenn started their gym with a Founder's Club that was limited to the first 30 that wanted it.  Here's what CrossFit Motivus offered:

  • 20% off monthly dues for lifetime
  • a limited edition Founder's Club T-Shirt
  • a small yearly gift on the anniversary of the gym opening

And they spread the word on the Founder's Club by word of mouth only.  When Zac posted it up on their social media outlets, all 30 slots were gone in 24 hours.  Stellar.

In Zac's words:

This was something we thought would be a good way to promote the gym, get athletes to sign up, but also see how strong our community could be.  We used word of mouth to spread the Founder's Club idea, and on the day I posted the Founder's Club was up for grabs we sold out in 24 hours.  Since the first 30 wrapped up, we have already added 10-15 more athletes that are signed up for our Intro Class.  Like I said, our staff is completely humbled by this and we owe it all to our faith and enthusiasm to help our community.  And Hammerhead Fitness played a HUGE role as well.  Thanks.

Another success in the books.  We wish all the very best to Zac, Glenn and CrossFit Motivus as they embark on their new career!

Is a new gym in your future?  We'd love to help.  You can get in touch with us here.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Gear Specs - The Bare Bar

We're proud to unveil our newest in the lineup of US Made Hammerhead Bars [with more coming soon!] - The Bare Bar.

Along with all the great qualities that our Performance Bars possess, we've added another much sought after characteristic for the seasoned lifter - the bare steel shaft.  Our raw steel shaft is mechanically polished to a smooth but not slippery feel then very lightly oiled for shipping.

Most any coating system, whether it be black zinc, clear zinc, or black oxide will wear with use.  And after a year or so of dedicated lifting combined with chalk use, the shaft can develop an even better hand feel.

Our Bare Bar appeals to those athletes that prefer the feel of a 'seasoned' bar right out of the box.

Bar Specifications:

  • 28.5mm bare steel shaft
  • 165K Tensile Strength / 140K Yield Strength
  • No Center Knurling
  • Olympic and Power Markings
  • Black Zinc Sleeves
  • Dual Snap Rings
  • Bronze Bushings

With the absence of a coating system on the shaft, the knurling stands just a bit more prominent.  Any coating system normally fills some of the valleys in knurling.  But we've found the happy medium in knurling depth that allows it to hold chalk well but also won't tear up your hands if you prefer the natural feel.

Our dual marking system on our bars gives you a quick index for different hand positions such as the snatch, clean, deadlifts and more.  And no worries about center knurling - we've left it off our bars.  Multiple reps of cleans during a workout with a bar that has center knurling can leave it's 'impression'.  None of our Hammerhead Bars have center knurling for that very reason.

Our dual snap ring design is a simple yet effective method for attaching the sleeves to the shaft and to hold all the bushings.  The Bare Bar has all the same high quality bushings as our Performance Bars that keep the sleeves spinning freely.

So, whether you are working on a set of heavy Deadlifts, Front Squats or Shoulder presses or if you are practicing Snatch and Clean technique, our Hammerhead Performance Bar series makes a great companion to your training.

Ready to get outfitted with one of our outstanding US Made barbells?  See them right here.

Hammerhead Fitness is a Strength Equipment Manufacturer outfitting Commercial Facilities and Garage Gyms alike with Barbells, Bumpers, Pull Up and Squat Racks, Gymnastics Rings, Plyo Boxes and more.  Let us take your training to the next level at Hammerhead Fitness.