Friday, May 30, 2014

A Great New Way to Use the 3 Sided Plyo Box

We've always been big fans of multi purpose equipment and always will be.  Finding innovative ways to use our equipment or build upon it's usefulness is a win for everyone.

Our philosophy behind all of our Equipment Packages either for the Commercial Facility or the Garage Gym is to outfit athletes with the most useful and effective equipment possible.  And we like pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box every day.

Our Hammerhead Oly Blox does just that.  One thing that we've all come to understand is that constantly varied training can skyrocket our fitness levels and even adjusting the range of motion of a movement is a variation that keeps our body from adapting.

Waffle core design in the Top Block makes it super strong
We are huge fans of the Plyo Box.  We sat down with a well respected trainer in our area, Adam Cristantello a while back and learned that not only is the plyo box a tool for enhancing overall work capacity, the movements involved in the exercise are those of triple flexion and triple extension which are skills necessary for success in lifts like the Clean and Snatch.

Adam's insight into the plyo box really got us thinking about how to expand its usefulness.  And as important as the plyo box is to training, it can be somewhat limited in it's versatility.  Until now, that is.

Our 4" Riser Blocks can be stacked indefinitely
We engineered our innovative, stackable Oly Blox to accomplish two major goals:

Provide a more cost effective solution for a mid-to-high level lifting platform.  Many stackable lifting blocks on the market currently are a series of varying height blocks that must be purchased in large sets to achieve heights necessary to work on shoulder height technique such as the Jerk.  Utilizing our 3 Sided Plyo Boxes, our Oly Blox gain 24" of height with a piece of equipment that is already in your gym.*

Allow for a more stable bonded rubber top plyometric platform that is adjustable in height.  Athletes and coaches are always pushing their boundaries.  That's a requirement for growth.  We've seen a few different approaches to increasing platform height - most involve stacking bumpers [19" diameter] on the top of a 3 Sided Plyo Box.  Granted, that's innovative, but bumpers have a round landing surface of under 2 Square Feet.  It can be a bit of a challenge to bullseye.  Our Oly Blox top block has a non-skid bonded rubber top with a rectangular landing surface of over 4 Square Feet.  And the nesting feature of the Oly Blox means they stack securely.

Used from the floor or nested on top of our 3 Sided Plyo Boxes, the Hammerhead Oly Blox work great as lifting blocks when used in pairs or can also be used as individual jump platforms.

Stretch the usefulness of your equipment and keep your training varied - with Hammerhead Fitness Strength Equipment.

See our lineup of Oly Blox and Plyo Box Packages right here.

*Oly Blox are guaranteed for use only with the Hammerhead 3 Sided Plyo Box.  Other boxes may be dimensionally correct but may be structurally inadequate.