Friday, May 9, 2014

Gear Specs - The Bare Bar

We're proud to unveil our newest in the lineup of US Made Hammerhead Bars [with more coming soon!] - The Bare Bar.

Along with all the great qualities that our Performance Bars possess, we've added another much sought after characteristic for the seasoned lifter - the bare steel shaft.  Our raw steel shaft is mechanically polished to a smooth but not slippery feel then very lightly oiled for shipping.

Most any coating system, whether it be black zinc, clear zinc, or black oxide will wear with use.  And after a year or so of dedicated lifting combined with chalk use, the shaft can develop an even better hand feel.

Our Bare Bar appeals to those athletes that prefer the feel of a 'seasoned' bar right out of the box.

Bar Specifications:

  • 28.5mm bare steel shaft
  • 165K Tensile Strength / 140K Yield Strength
  • No Center Knurling
  • Olympic and Power Markings
  • Black Zinc Sleeves
  • Dual Snap Rings
  • Bronze Bushings

With the absence of a coating system on the shaft, the knurling stands just a bit more prominent.  Any coating system normally fills some of the valleys in knurling.  But we've found the happy medium in knurling depth that allows it to hold chalk well but also won't tear up your hands if you prefer the natural feel.

Our dual marking system on our bars gives you a quick index for different hand positions such as the snatch, clean, deadlifts and more.  And no worries about center knurling - we've left it off our bars.  Multiple reps of cleans during a workout with a bar that has center knurling can leave it's 'impression'.  None of our Hammerhead Bars have center knurling for that very reason.

Our dual snap ring design is a simple yet effective method for attaching the sleeves to the shaft and to hold all the bushings.  The Bare Bar has all the same high quality bushings as our Performance Bars that keep the sleeves spinning freely.

So, whether you are working on a set of heavy Deadlifts, Front Squats or Shoulder presses or if you are practicing Snatch and Clean technique, our Hammerhead Performance Bar series makes a great companion to your training.

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