Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Demand More out of the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The pull up is one of the most widely programmed exercises for gaining serious overhead pulling strength.  And with good reason.  Pull Ups work.

And as effective as the pull up is, many trainers and athletes are pushing the envelope with their training tools and finding new ways to use them as well.  With that in mind, we wanted to design a pull up bar that keeps more exercise options open so you can keep your training varied and effective.

Why Choose the Hammerhead Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar?

Distance From the Wall - One of the best things about our pull-up bar is the distance away from the wall that the bar hangs.  We've given you a full 31" of distance.  Why so far away?  Exercises like kipping toes to bar and the bar muscle up or butterfly pull up are difficult to do or even dangerous with a bar that is too close to the wall.  That extra distance away in our pull up bar design allows you to perform those exercises safely.

Ease of Installation - With our system you don't need an engineering degree to figure out how to install it.  And - we give you everything you need [aside from hand tools] so there's no trips to the local hardware store once your pull up bar arrives.  Take it out of the package and off you go.  Our system mounts easily on concrete walls, masonry or even wood studs.  And what if your wall studs are not spaced exactly the same distance as the bar?  No problem!  Our pull up bar locks into place in the brackets with set screws at any point along it's length so no matter how far apart the brackets end up you can install it square and plumb.

Strength - We know how important this is especially when you are stringing together pull-ups or knees to elbows.  You need a rock solid bar that doesn't flex or shake.  That can throw off your rhythm.  Our super strong triangle shaped brackets are up to the task.  Check that off the list.

Width - Designed to have the brackets mounted as far apart as four feet, you can comfortably jump up on the long bar even for those wide grip pull ups.  A pull-up bar also makes a great spot for hanging gymnastics rings and with our extra wide bar you can easily slide them off to the side and still have plenty of room.

Entirely US Made - A fact that we're super proud of.  We build all of our steel and wood products right here in the US.  We control all the processes from design to construction and packaging.

Ready to add this versatile training tool to your gym?  Get the Hammerhead Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar right here.