Friday, August 22, 2014

Affiliate Rig - Advantages of the Offset Pull Up Bar

The Offset Pull Up Bar which comes standard on every one of our Pull Up Racks has a few very important advantages over the industry standard stacked bars.

What we've found to be one of the most important benefits of this type of design is opening up the Bar Muscle Up movement.  Many intermediate level and advanced level athletes are demanding more versatility out of today's pull up rigs and our Offset Bar delivers.  With the top bar extending a full 11" away from the low bar and 6" higher, the athlete has more than enough clearance for the bar muscle up.

But this is not the only advantage.  This type of design in the pull-up bar also offers two different pull-up bar heights out of one station.  Shorter athletes stand inside the rig facing out and grab the lower bar while taller athletes stand outside the rig facing in for the higher bar.

A pull up rig with multiple bar heights means no more athletes dragging bumpers and plyo boxes under the rig to help them reach.  Using those expensive step stools creates tripping hazards and takes equipment out of play.

But one of the less widely known advantages to the Offset Pull Up Bar becomes clear when your class sizes increase and you need more room on the rig for pull-ups, toes to bar, ring dips and more.  That high bar on the perimeter of our rig stands 10" away from the poles.  That added distance gives you a huge advantage because it opens up space inside the rig.  With taller athletes around the perimeter grabbing that high bar, they are effectively pushed out further away from the center of the rig.  That means more space inside.

And here's a quick gear tip.  Whenever you've got the Pull Up Rack in use for the WOD, take two minutes before the start to have all your athletes stand in the best spot on the rig for them.  Once everyone has found their spot then they'll not need to scramble or wait for a spot to open up.  Everyone knows where to go before time starts.

All of our Rigs include Offset Pull Up Bars standard and ship free to the continental US.  Ready to add one of them to your gym?  Have a look here and get in touch with us should you have any questions.