Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bombproof Barbell Collars

With quick, intense workouts that involve picking up the barbell and dropping it not quite so gently time after time comes the need for a barbell collar that can hold up to that demand.
We've all come to know the usual suspects in the barbell collar game but there is a new player that has certainly got one CrossFit® Gym owner's attention.

Brennan Morton out at NEPA CrossFit in Plains, PA has some high praise for the Hi Temp Barbell Clamp.

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Posted by Brennan Morton on 24th Jul 2014
I own a box and have tried a myriad of clips before finding these.  We broke every other clip out there pretty quickly and they rarely keep the weights in place after a few drops from shoulder height.  These clips take a little more to get on but once they are on, the weights WILL NOT MOVE.  Plus, they are made from rubber and metal, and will not break if something is dropped on them.  I just bought twenty pair to replace all of the clamps on my box.  That's how good these are.

We couldn't agree more.  These clamps have proven themselves to grip the bar with more than enough force to keep the bumper plates fitting snugly drop after drop.
The secret is in the threaded closure and the pliable, yet tough outer shell.  The ability to adjust the tightness of the clamp is something that not many clamps offer.  And the soft, but strong shell beats the hard black ABS plastic that some other products use.
We've encountered issues from time to time with some clamps breaking after long periods of commercial use but the Hi Temp Barbell Collar is proving to be the more resilient.

Need to add a great barbell collar to your equipment arsenal.  Get them here.
Thanks for that product review Brennan!  If you've got some insight to share on a product of ours that you've used, write in and tell us about it.