Monday, August 11, 2014

Bumper Plates - Outfitting the Commercial Facility

Next to the barbell, bumper plates are perhaps the most important piece in your gym.  Not a day will go by that they aren't on the front line of your programming.  And if you've got a gym membership nearing or passing 100 athletes, product durability and performance in your equipment need to be the overwhelming factor when considering which bumper plate graces your gym floor.

Saving startup costs is super important to getting off on the right foot.  That's why we recommend investing in the most useful tools the industry has to offer.  By choosing wisely on what type of equipment you outfit the gym with, you can still keep your programming options open and be able to challenge beginner through advanced level athlete.

I've been an avid CrossFitter since 2006 and have seen my share of bumper plates in use at the local affiliates.  Time and time again, Hi Temp bumper plates have proven themselves to be the leader in the industry for the budget minded affiliate owner with 100 athletes or more.  They earn that spot because of their outstanding durability.  Are Hi Temps the lowest cost bumper out there?  No.  And that's not a bad thing provided that their durability and performance can substantiate that incremental price change.   They do.  In spades.  For less than the cost of a good men's bar you can outfit your gym with the bumper plate that will be with you for years to come.

Here at Hammerhead, we are such firm believers in the performance of this bumper plate you'll see the Hi Temp Bumper in every one of our Commercial Equipment Packages.  It's a performer.

And for those who have plans to start a commercial facility in the future but want to begin in their garage, we've put together our Garage Affiliate Package that is packed with all the top end commercial equipment that can easily move with you as your business grows from your garage to the warehouse.  And this higher end, commercial quality equipment is up to task as your membership grows well into the 100 athlete mark.

When thinking about a new gym or making plans for expansion of your existing facility, have a look at our free Buyer's Guide.  It's an easy read with a few great tips on equipment selections that can make the most of your hard earned dollar.

Our Five Staple Pieces along with a few supporting tools can make your gym a great one. Commercial Quality equipment for outfitting the commercial gym - that's our job here at Hammerhead Fitness.

Need more information or want a custom quote on your equipment needs?  Just send us a note and let's get started.