Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bumper Storage - Space Saving Ideas for the Gym

Ask any gym owner or coach and they'll tell you that space in the gym is at a premium.  This holds true for any type of gym whether it's in the home or in a full commercial facility.  Equipment that is not used in the workout should be out of the way and compactly stored to make the most use of your space.

CrossFit Williamsville's Open Floor Plan allows more athletes to get in the mix

With the open class concept, each athlete needs about an 8x8 area when working with a barbell or a jump rope.  And when class sizes reach 10-15 or more, the space in your gym can shrink fast.  Infringe on that athlete's space and injury is just around the corner.  You don't need to be dodging barbells and spinning jump ropes just to get your WOD on.

Casey Atkinson, head trainer over at CrossFit the Tracks in Erlanger, KY began their facility with a Free Standing Rig in the center of their space but later reconfigured it to a Wall Mounted Unit like the one above.  Here's what Casey had to say about the change he made:
As we continued to grow & class sizes got bigger, the rig seemed like it was taking up too much space instead of saving it like we previously thought. In our larger classes, both the rig & the floor space seemed busy in a clustered sort of way. So we made the decision to open up the rig & place it against the wall. Wow! What a difference it has made. Floor space is huge in CrossFit; the more the better. Eliminating the other 6' really opened up the space. The room looks larger & allows for much better flow. Athletes are much more spread out allowing for a larger class (something we thought the free standing would do).   Overall, mounting the rig to the wall was a great decision.
We agree completely with Casey - "Floor space is huge in CrossFit®; the more the better."  That's not to say that a Free Standing Rig is the wrong choice, but for the long, narrow space, more and more gym owners are going the route of the Wall Mounted Pull Up Rack.  In addition to considering the Wall Mounted Rig for opening up as much space as possible, storage options for all your equipment can also have a great impact on how much of your area can be used to effectively train a large number of athletes.

Vertical storage is the best use of your space
Ideally, storing equipment vertically is the best use of space as long as you don't need a ladder or step stool to reach it.  We're big fans of stacking bumpers vertically, and for those with four to five different sized bumpers [45/35/25/15/10], it's best to put them in individual stacks to make it easy to grab the size you want.  A great option we've designed for bumper plate storage that keeps them well arranged and easy to grab by size is our horizontal bumper storage unit.

Great for the Garage Gym owner and Commercial Facility alike, our storage unit comes with all the hardware you need to install in a stud wall, concrete or cinder block wall.  And these make great storage options right next to squat racks or platform stations to keep bumpers up off the ground and within easy reach.

Smart space saving ideas will keep your options open and allow the most efficient use of your space.  Looking for other great ideas on outfitting your space?  Feel free to browse though our blog or get in touch with us for more info.