Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Doing That Little Extra For Your Clients - Motivus CrossFit

Doing the little extras for your clients is something that not only gets noticed by them, but it can spread like wildfire around the community.  We like to keep a close look at what our clients post on their Facebook pages. [Yes, we do have a Facebook page too - please like it!]  And we saw something that Glenn out at CrossFit Motivus in Spartanburg, SC is doing that was really great and it's something that any gym owner or coach can do once a week to provide that little extra service to their clients.

As many of us know, putting in hard work at the gym is only part of the equation.  Nutrition plays an even bigger role in bringing about true success in wellness and fitness.  And for those that have spent years in the fitness industry, good nutrition habits can be almost second nature.  But when starting a new facility, like CrossFit Motivus did, many new members that join up might need that education and encouragement in getting their diet right.

We saw a Facebook post from Glenn on the CrossFit Motivus Page called the Recipe of the Week or ROW.  He posted a short video introducing a Paleo Spaghetti recipe [one of my favorites by the way] to their clients.  It's a simple recipe, didn't take him a lot of time to put it together yet he provided some valuable information for his clients. There are more than a few reasons why this is super smart.


  • Educational - This almost goes without saying.  Sure - it's educational for their clients.  And we like the fact that he shot a video instead of just typing in a recipe with a photo.  It shows an added level of commitment to their clients to provide something more.
  • Simplicity - Paleo Spaghetti is super easy to make and parallels one of the basic comfort foods that many of us have grown up on.  It's simple, appealing and easy to make.  For those that might be making some more drastic changes to their diet, a dish like this can help them ease into healthier eating.  Winner, winner chicken dinner.
  • Personal Touch - I like the fact that Glenn shot a video of himself explaining how to make the dish.  Now I've met him, see his personality and it shows he wanted to do something a little extra.  That can be a nice ice breaker for those that are considering joining the gym.  And we can see that Glenn lives what he preaches.  Here's the deal too - it doesn't have to be a major production with lighting, music, graphics and editing.  It was well done but not overdone.
  • Great Use of Time - Again...winner.  Glenn was making that dish for dinner that night anyway.  Why not turn the phone camera on for a few minutes and do something extra for his clients?  Cool.  And a once a week commitment for 5-10 minutes isn't so much that it becomes a burden.  Glenn could easily pass the torch to Cayce or Zac, the other trainers in the gym.
Glenn and Cayce of CrossFit Motivus
So here's some kudos to Glenn for thinking outside the box a bit and doing that little extra something for his clients.

Class time is normally so devoted to movement instruction that education on nutrition can be a challenge and may even be overlooked.  But with an idea like CrossFit Motivus, you can reach all of your clients with a minimum time investment.

Proper nutrition is paramount to succeeding at the gym and these guys have a great solution to seeing their clients do their best.  Well done.