Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Impressions of a Successful Gym

If there were two things you would like to have a potential client hear about your gym what would they be?  If you had 60 seconds to make an impression, what are they going to remember and what is it that would encourage someone to walk through your door?

Two of the most important aspects of training at Victor CrossFit that keep me coming back for more are the effectiveness of the programming and the community in that gym.  One without the other won't keep me there for the long haul.  If it was all business and no camaraderie then I would enjoy my results but would miss out on those friends that keep pushing me and encouraging me.  If it was all just a social gathering with no seriousness about improvement in fitness then what's the point?  Because both of these qualities are overflowing where I train, it's easy to keep showing up.

We just outfitted CrossFit Lancaster in Lancaster, PA and sent our photographer down for a photo shoot last weekend.  Although I have never met the owner Tim personally, we have had some great phone conversations.

After getting some of the photos in, the two things I was expecting to see came out in spades.  Tim and his athletes know how to have fun and they work hard.

I can see that they've got that proper combination of seriousness when it comes time to train, but they also like each other.  That's important when it comes time to give someone some encouragement when they need it or to celebrate their successes with them.

When a gym has that proper mix, it thrives.  Clients bring their friends and family to get in on the great time they are having getting exceptionally fit.  That type of advertising is free and it's priceless.  It is far better to have someone else praise you and your gym than for you to tell everyone how great it is.  Praise from one of your clients to their friends or even to someone they don't know holds an incredible amount of value.

Want to see your gym thrive?  If you are a member, tell people about the success and fun you are enjoying.  As an owner, lead the way in fostering a community that works hard and plays hard.  Together.