Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kettlebells - Turn Your Warmup into a Workout

Of all the pieces that form the foundation for any strength program, kettlebells are one of our all time favorites.  They are one of the most basic, no nonsense tools that requires zero maintenance and zero setup time.  It's a grab-and-go piece that is so versatile, you can use it differently every day for a month.

For those reasons and more, the kettlebell is an ideal piece for not only the commercial facility but also for the Garage Gym where space is at a premium.  The kettlebell is super compact, takes up minimal space when you are using it and stores away in the corner when you are done.

And don't let it's simplistic design and small footprint fool you.  The kettlebell will take most any bodyweight exercise to an entirely new level that can challenge even the most advanced athletes.  So, if your training program is feeling a bit stagnant, breathe some new life into it with these four exercises that turn your warmup into a workout.

Four Common Warmup Exercises Enhanced by the Kettlebell

  • The Kettlebell Kayak -
    A perfect way to blast your core, the kettlebell kicks the standard situp up a notch.  From the half situp position with the kettlebell gripped with both hands, move the kettlebell to the left and right, each time touching it to the floor.  To lessen the intensity, keep your knees bent and heels in contact with the floor.  To keep it more challenging, pick your feet up and straighten your legs.  If the standard situp just isn't challenging you, then give this a try.  It won't disappoint.
  • The Lunge - One of our all time favorites, the lunge is one of those grass roots, foundational movements that most commonly incorporates into training programs as a warmup.  But why not use this same great exercise to build strength and burn lungs?  The kettlebell adds or lessens intensity easily based upon where you hold it.  The kettlebells held with your arms hanging at the side presents the least challenge.  In the front rack position, even more balance is needed to maintain your position.  For the fire breathers, hold one or both kettlebells in the overhead position.
  • The Goblet Squat -
    Air Squats are a perfect warmup to the workout and chances are they grace the whiteboard several times per week.  With good reason.  Put a kettlebell in your hands and you'll turn this warmup into a full fledged workout.  And just like the lunge, moving the position of the kettlebell changes the intensity dramatically.  Add a second kettlebell and hold in the front rack position for even more fun.
  • The Renegade Row Push Up - The pushup is one of those exercises that most everyone is familiar with and even by themselves they can get spicy when incorporated into a workout.  They are especially difficult when paired with Medicine Ball throws.  The Renegade Row Pushup incorporates a pull into the pushup movement as well as creating a deficit to force a greater range of motion in the movement.
If you are limited in equipment budget or in space for your gym, the ketllebell is the one tool that can provide a variety of uses and incorporate quickly in your training program.  The space saving compact design and zero setup time makes the kettlebell the perfect addition to your garage gym or commercial facility.

Crank up those warmup exercises into a routine that will not only challenge you.  It will change you.

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