Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Popularity of the Wall Mounted Pull Up Rack

When laying out an equipment plan for a commercial facility, one of the very first considerations for the gym owner is what style of Pull Up Rack will suit their needs best.

We've been talking with Carlos Calderon of Supernatural CrossFit in Winter Park, FL about expanding his facility.  Like so many gyms, Carlos' membership is growing steadily.   His gym was outfitted with a smaller free standing pull-up rack that was locally made and was no longer meeting their needs.  He knew they needed to expand their rack to meet their increase in athletes and decided that our 8 Pole Wall Mounted Unit made the best choice.

The only reservation he had was that he felt the Wall Mounted option would be a permanent choice with no chance to grow or change it's configuration.  We told him that we have a fair amount of gym owners that have called us for rig expansions and additions and we've even had some that ask us to change over from their Free Standing Unit to a Wall Mount Style.  These changes are not only easy to do, they are very affordable.

The overwhelming choice made by gym owners that work with us is the Wall Mounted Pull Up Rack.  And all of our startup Equipment Packages include that style.

Because of our recent conversation with Supernatural CrossFit, we spoke with Lance Richards, owner and head trainer of +Victor CrossFit here in Victor, NY about his choice on the Wall Mounted Unit.  Lance, at one time, had our 8 Pole Free Standing Rig in his gym but over a year ago he reconfigured it to an 8 Pole Wall Mounted Unit by adding just a few parts from us.

We asked Lance why he made the change and here's what he told us:

  • Space Considerations - Like many gyms, Victor CrossFit is shaped like a rectangle with a bathroom bump out right in the middle of the long wall.  Lance told us that changing the free standing rig to a wall mounted unit freed up a considerable amount of space and made his gym look and feel bigger.
  • Use of Interior Pull Up Bars - The use of the pull-up bars on the inside of the free standing rig can be tricky if athletes are all around the perimeter.  The pull-up bars next to the wall on the Wall Mounted Unit are more accessible during the WOD and are spaced far enough from the perimeter that athletes kips won't interfere with each other.
  • No Loss of Use - Even with moving the rig to one of the perimeter walls of the gym didn't mean sacrifice on space.  That wall space still serves duty as a place for handstand pushups and wall ball throws because the rig poles are a full 6 feet away from the wall and athletes can easily move in and out of the squat and pull-up stations on the rig.
  • More Solid Performance - Lance commented that the Wall Mounted Unit feels more rigid than the Free Standing Unit, especially when there are only a few athletes on it at a time.  Because it is anchored to a structural wall it provides superior stiffness.
  • Athlete Visibility - Perhaps one of the best results of the change from one style to the next was the amount of visibility Lance gained.  On the Free Standing Unit, if there is only one coach in the class, some athletes can be hidden or obscured from view depending on where the coach is standing.  Because all of the Squat Stations on the Wall Mounted Unit are all in a line, the coach gains the best vantage point to see all of the athletes at once and is able to make the best spot corrections as athletes are squatting or pressing with the bar.
Thanks to Lance and Carlos for sharing their thoughts with us.  If you are deciding between either of these units and would like more info or if you are starting a new facility we would love to help.  Get in touch with us here.