Friday, August 15, 2014

The Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Batteries Included

Ever been one of those kids at Christmas that gets that great electronic gift?  I was.  And I couldn't rip it open fast enough to get right at it.  I would never bother to read the instructions, but just wanted to play it immediately.  I'd get it out of the box, find the on switch and flip it.  Pffft.  Nothing.  One of the things that burned me the most was when it didn't come with batteries.  Total letdown.  And if my folks didn't have any spare double A's at the house, we'd have to wait until the next day to go get them.

We understand that when you get a piece of equipment from us, it's a little like Christmas.  And our Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is a perfect example of sending our products out "Batteries Included."

We wanted our customers to be able to open the box and have everything needed to get that pull up bar up on the wall and in use without any trips to the hardware store.  To save you from that frustration, we include all the hardware you'll need.  Whether you are installing in a wood stud wall or in concrete block, just let us know and the hardware is on us!

And we've added a few special design elements to make our pull up bar easier to install.  With just a few simple household tools - a drill, a crescent wrench or socket set, a tape measure and an alan key, you can get our bar up on the wall in no time.  The 52" long non-slick pull up bar that comes included slides freely in the bracket arm holes to make alignment a breeze.  That adjustment means spacing on the wall brackets is less critical than with other models that have fixed length brackets and bars.  And our set screws clamp down on the pull up bar after it's in place to keep it from spinning.

We do get asked from time to time what the optimal height is to mount the pull up bar on the wall.  We know everyone is sized differently so here's an easy way to make sure you've got it at the right height for you.

The pull up bar is at it's ideal height when you can easily jump up and grab it and still have your feet about 4"-6" off the ground.  That makes for an uninterrupted kip.  Here's the quick way to measure.  Stand next to the wall that you will be mounting on and with a pencil, pen or marker in hand reach as high as you possibly can.  Get up on your tip toes.  Our wall brackets have three holes in them - top, middle and bottom.  That mark that you just made on the wall is the spot for the top hole of the bracket.  Piece of cake...

The pull up is one of the most commonly programmed bodyweight exercises that brings great rewards.  And since our bar is spaced a full 31" away from the wall there is plenty of room for the aggressive kip and other exercises like knees to elbows, toes to bar and bar muscle ups. Hang a set of gymnastics rings off it too to add even more functionality.

Ready to add our "Batteries Included" Pull Up Bar to your arsenal?  Get it right here.