Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - A Better Start for the Commercial Gym?

Yesterday we received an email from a potential client in South Carolina looking to open a CrossFit® Affiliate.  She had been looking at starting her gym with our 5 Athlete Gold Package but wanted some modifications.  She asked us to price up two different quotes for her to look over.

After she considered our proposals for a few weeks, she asked another question that is certainly blog-worthy:

Is a series of Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars a smart substitution for an Affiliate Rig?

Jamie's gym space is small and the facility owner really doesn't want anything bolted to the floor.  She thought that would rule out the Affiliate Rig, but what will she have to sacrifice to make the substitution?

Here's a look at some of the results from trading up:

  • Lower Cost - One of our most popular rigs is our 4 Pole Wall Mounted Pull Up Rack.  It can fit 8-10 athletes comfortably performing pull-ups, toes to bar, knees to elbows or low gymnastics rings work.  Trading this rig for 4 or 5 of our 3 Bracket Pull Up Bars will still result in the same number of stations for athletes for those movements but she will pay less.
  • Space Saving - Square footage is always at a premium in the gym.  The more open floor area you have for your athletes, the better.  Open space means larger capacity for more athletes per class and larger training areas per athlete to keep everyone safe and moving efficiently.  The Free Standing or Wall Mounted Pull Up Rigs do take up a larger footprint than the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars so the trade up here will give you a more open feel.
  • Maintaining Height Adjustment - We've blogged before about how important it is to have multiple pull up bar heights available for your different sized athletes.  When they've got to pile up a stack of bumpers or drag over a plyo box to reach the lowest available pull up bar then that equipment is essentially taken out of play.  That's one expensive step stool.  Whether Jamie chooses our wall mounted pull-up bars or one of our rigs, she will have appropriate height adjustment in the bars.  So no sacrifice here.
  • Kipping and More -
    The rig provides the athlete with the most amount of space for the aggressive kip of the pull-up, butterfly pull-up, toes to bar and even the bar muscle up.  At 31" from the wall, our Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar doesn't come up short.  That distance will still provide Jamie's athletes with all the room they need for those movements.
  • No Squat Racks - The only noticeable tradeoff for Jamie is when it comes time to program heavy lifts from shoulder height.  Heavy back squat and front squat programming requires that your athletes have a place to rack the bar.  Seldom does an athlete's power clean match their heavy squat so pulling these lifts from the floor won't allow Jamie's athletes to max out unless she adds separate Squat Stands.  It's certainly doable but does add to the cost should she choose to trade up the rig.
Bottom line - neither decision is wrong.  It's all about providing the right equipment and programming to skyrocket your athlete's fitness levels.  No matter which of these options Jamie chooses, the benefits are right here.

Ready to start your Commercial facility or Garage Gym?  We know some guys :)

Thanks Jamie for asking that great question!  Have one of your own you'd like to ask?  Get in touch with us here.