Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gymnastic Ring Hanger and Climbing Rope Attachment Explained

We're all about making the most of any space but let's face it, sometimes hanging gymnastic rings and climbing ropes can be a bit of a challenge in some gyms.

Without proper overhead clearance, neither of these fantastic training tools can be put to their best use.  Gymnastic Rings can still function when hung off a pull-up bar, but it is optimal?  Not really.  Some movements on the rings like muscle ups and pull overs just can't be easily done if the rings aren't hanging up high enough.  And if your climbing rope isn't hung up high, then it really isn't as functional either.

To make the most of the climbing rope and the gymnastic rings, we came up with the perfect accessory to make proper, safe installation a snap.  Even when our ceiling height isn't the issue, hard ceilings or exposed floor joists can leave us scratching our heads a bit on how best to safely install this equipment.

To solve the problem of hanging gymnastic rings we came up with our Ring Hanger.  It mounts easily to a hard ceiling or to exposed floor joists with just a few lag crews [provided by us].  And once it's installed, overhead clearance for the gymnastic rings is no longer an issue.  After having that product on the market for a few years, it dawned on us to add an attachment to hang a climbing rope on that hanger as well.  We saw the center of the ring hanger as the perfect spot to add a climbing rope.

We have been getting a few questions on how the climbing rope hanger attachment works and thought it would be best to explain it in a video.  If you have one of our gymnastic ring hangers currently and would like to add the climbing rope attachment, look for holes that have been pre-drilled in the center of the hanger.  If they are there then it's easy to add a climbing rope and you won't even have to take the hanger down.

For more info see below!