Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Site, New Services, New Products

Over the past few months we've been busy with projects, product development and building new relationships with new CrossFit® Gyms.  If you've dialed into the website in the last 24 hours you've noticed one of our most major changes - a completely new look.

To say we're excited about our new layout is an understatement.  Not only do we have a new image, but we've also restructured the site to make finding that perfect piece of equipment for your gym even easier.  And we still have our sleeves rolled up as we know there are bugs to work through and functionality to improve but we hope you like what you see so far.

One of our biggest new features on the site is the separation between Garage Athletes and Commercial Gym owners.  While we love both, we've made that distinction not to differentiate in quality of equipment but rather to allow gym owners to shop differently in that they most normally want a few of each item.  Not only have we changed because of the way our customers shop, we've also made some changes on the manufacturing end to have products with the same functionality but appeal to both the commercial gym and the garage gym.  Case in point is in the design of our Gymnastics Ring and Climbing Rope Hangers.  We've built a smaller scale version for the Home Gym athlete and a larger commercial size version for the Gym Owner.

Many of the gyms we've worked with in the past now have their members, owners and spaces featured on many of our product images on the new website and there are a few thank you's we want to pass around.  As always, if you've got a great image of a piece of our gear in action, send it on in as we are always looking to showcase our customers.

Thanks go out to CrossFit Motivus out in Spartansburg, SC for letting us be part of their gym and take a few great pics as well!  Glenn and Cayce are front and center on our new T-Shirt Club icon.  Glenn, Cayce and Zac are doing some really great things down there and we like seeing good people succeed.  We wrote a few blog articles on their success story.

So, with that said one of the first new services we'd like to introduce is our T-Shirt Club.  When you click on that link you'll find Timmy Card of CrossFit Lancaster right at the top of the page.  For gym owners, we've given you a place to make your apparel available to people outside of your area.  We sent out an email blast to our customers a while back asking if there would be interest in purchasing t-shirts from some of the gyms we work with.  We received a very positive response so we decided to start the club.  It's easy to join.  Just get in touch with us to have your shirts and hoodies pictured on the T-Shirt Club page.  For athletes that love cool T-Shirt designs, feel free to browse our selection and if one or two strike your fancy, add them to your cart and check out with them as you would any other equipment item.

We've also added a spot for event sponsorships.  In the background is our very first customer - CrossFit Rochester from back when we started in 2010.  We understand how important competition is not only to the gym owner but also to the athlete so we've been getting more and more active in playing part in these fun events.

If you've got an event coming up, let us know.  We've got a few different options to get involved.  And if we do have equipment in use during an event, we offer great deals to the athletes and spectators after the awards ceremony to grab up some of it for their own home gyms or commercial facilities.

All of our metal fabrications including our ever popular Pull Up Rack, Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar, Sleds and more are all sporting a new branding that we're super excited about.

If you've been following us from the beginning you'll notice we've tweaked our website address name to Hammerhead Strength Equipment.  Our primary reason for doing that was to brand ourselves a bit better so that athletes and gym owners could tell right away when they see one of our t-shirts or products that we're all about providing Strength Equipment.  The former Hammerhead Fitness name was leading some folks to think that we were a gym rather than an equipment manufacturer.

And our Rig Poles now have 9 more horizontal slots in front to further increase their usability and functionality.  [We've got a brand new attachment coming out in the next few weeks that we think you'll love].  And we have also added holes on the bottom of the poles for future attachments as well.  Good stuff coming...stay tuned.

In addition to all the webpage enhancements, and new services we've also been busy in new product development.  A few months ago we unveiled our new Jerk Blocks.  One thing that we've always tried to do was to make equipment with multiple purpose.  Single use equipment, unless it is stellar, just doesn't bring the return on investment for any of us.

Our new Jerk Blocks stack on top of our 20x24x30 Plyo Boxes [most competitors boxes too] so that you don't have to build up to Jerk Height from the ground.  By building from the 24" tall height, we immediately save you having to purchase 2 feet worth of Jerk Blocks.  We were so excited about this idea, we applied for and we approved for a Provisional Patent.

We think the Jerk Blocks with their non-skid rubber top also make good plyometric platforms.  Use them right from the ground or begin stacking right on the 24" tall side of our three sided plyo box.

And although we've got even more to show you, we'll end with just one more new product we're really happy to introduce.  Our new Classic Hammerhead Kettlebell has finally hit the shelves and we're confident that it will be a huge hit with Garage Gym athletes and Commercial gyms alike.  The single casting makes for a uniform surface on the handle and the bell keeping it super comfortable in your hands during those long workouts.

We also have color coded the handles to make identification of weight easy.  And on the back we've included the weight stamp in both kgs and in lbs.  The texture of the handle and bell is just right for those that like a non smooth surface and it takes chalk well if that's the way you roll.

Keep in the know on all things Hammerhead as we continue to bring new products and improve on our current equipment lineup.  As always, if there is anything we can do to help bring your fitness to the next level, don't hesitate to look us up.  Cheers.