Monday, November 24, 2014

Pull Up Rack - New Upgrades and Accessories

We've been busy with our design team on bringing some new and upgraded accessory pieces for our pull up rack into production.  Though already a great piece of equipment for pull ups, toes to bar, hanging gymnastics rings from or racking the bar on, there's even more to do with just a little ingenuity.

For those training heavy barbell movements alone, our Safety Spotter Arms are a great solution that allows you to step away from the rack while still having a place to catch the bar.  Use them at any vertical position along our poles from just under 20" to over 5 feet.

Our recent modification gives our safety spotter arms even more strength and stability.  The unique but more effective horizontal key mounting design of our rig series allows the attachment to be inserted from the front of the pole rather than pivoted into place like many others.  This front attachment method allows us to design our mounting bracket to completely encase the front and sides of the vertical pole making our attachment the strongest and most stable.  And this attachment method translates into stronger accessory parts like dip bars too.

We've also been busy designing a new, more stable yet low cost Wall Ball Target.  For some gyms, adding wall ball targets right to their wall mounted or free standing rig can be a great option.

Our simple, yet effective Wall Ball Target can be placed at any of 18 different positions on our vertical poles and the stand off design will place the targets in front of our ever popular Offset Pull Up Bars.

And our target faces are reversible so if you want to purchase your own gym decals to proudly display that's not a problem either.

One of our most popular options for our customers has been our pull up rack Pole Extension Kits.  Our standard poles are a full 9 foot high and have dozens of options for mounting pull up bars at heights that are comfortable for any size athlete.

But some gyms with super high ceilings were having a tough time figuring out how to hang gymnastics rings and climbing ropes for their clients.  The standard 9 foot pole height wasn't high enough for either of these tools and we found that although we can make 12 foot poles, shipping costs were staggeringly high.  So, our design team came up with a pole extension kit that raises the height of the poles by three feet and that can be added at any time.  Our unique wrap around connector is super strong and keeps the pole amazingly stiff.  With the pole height now at 12 feet, you can hoist pull up bars all the way to the top which leaves enough head room for ring muscle ups and short rope climbs.

Another popular piece for us has been our Gymnastics Ring Hanger and Climbing Rope Attachment [not pictured].  For those gyms with drywall ceilings or in spaces with exposed wood floor joists, our mounting brackets have been a great solution for hanging gymnastics rings and climbing ropes.  These pieces originally designed for the Garage Gym Athlete have gotten the attention of the commercial facilities as well.

Our new Universal Mounting Bracket is designed for use on our pull up rack in conjunction with our extension kits.  With this single tubing bracket connected at the top of the extension kits you can get the most overhead clearance possible for hanging climbing ropes or gymnastics rings.  And with mounting holes along the entire length you can choose exactly where the rings and climbing ropes hang.  Our new Wall Ball Target faceplate will also be sold separately from the mounting bracket [pictured above] should you wish to mount it directly on this new attachment as well.

Our new Band Pull Hook is a simple yet effective attachment for our pull up rack series that allows resistance bands to be easily attached to our rig poles at nearly any height along the vertical.

Ideal for mobility work, resisted runs or band pulls, our Band Pull Hook is easy to use and comes complete with a gravity key.  Pair it with a set of our resistance bands and add yet another dimension to your training.

All these great new attachments will be available in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our website and if you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, please do.  All of our latest announcements, product developments and special deals on equipment are announced on Facebook first so don't miss out.

Until then, lift heavy and often!