Thursday, January 8, 2015

Garage Gym Workouts - Day Five

Warm Up:

Choose One:

1 Mile Run
5 Rounds of:
5 - Ring Pull Up
10 - Push Up
15 - Squat

If you've got the weather for it, get outside and run today.  It's a great change of pace from moving weight around and it's a great warmup too.  Run at about 60%-70%.  If you can't get outside or on a treadmill, then run through the 5-10-15 Warmup.


10 x Wall Walk

With today's wall walks focus on quality rather than speed.  Performing 10 of them consecutively is challenging so rather than let your form suffer by working when over fatigued, take three breaths at the top and at the bottom of the movement.

It's important as well to get your chest right up close to the wall and to maintain a good vertical position.  Take a quick video of yourself performing these movements and see how you do.


12 Minutes of:

10 x Gymnastics Ring Row
30 x Single or Double Under

A few notes on today's programming.  Gymnastics Rings are one of those great tools that scales to any level athlete easily.  To make the ring row more challenging, raise your feet up off the ground on a chair, plyo box or stack of bumper plates.  To decrease the difficulty, keep your feet on the ground and raise the rings higher.  The Gymnastics Ring Row is an exercise that looks deceivingly simple but to get the most out of the exercise, be sure to touch your wrists to your chest on each rep.  As you fatigue this will become more and more difficult to do.  Rest as needed and count only those reps where your wrists touch your chest.

The Double Under can be one of those elusive skills and if it's not in your wheelhouse yet, have a look on our tips for success at the double under here.  Unless you are reasonably proficient, work the single under today and keep in mind that the movement and effort between the single and double under is very similar.

If you are just joining us, jump back to Day One of our Garage Gym workouts here.