Monday, January 5, 2015

Garage Gym Workouts - Day Three

Training Day Three:

Warm Up:

Work through this warm up for 2 Rounds.  Work efficiently and not for speed but for solid, flawless technique.  Then take a 3-4 minute break before moving on to today's training.

1 Minute Jump Rope work
1 Minute Max Sit Up
1 Minute Max Air Squat

Every Minute On the Minute [EMOM] for 12 minutes of:

5 x Kettlebell Thruster Left Hand
5 x Kettlebell Thruster Right Hand

Perform all 10 reps on the minute every minute and work with a kettlebell weight that will leave you about 30 seconds of rest left on the timer.

As in the Kettlebell Push Press from Day One, fatigue will bring about the lifting of the heels off the ground as the weight is moved overhead.  Concentrate on minimizing this in the later rounds.

So, we're super glad to have you back for Day Three in our Month Long Garage Gym Workout Series.  By now, if you haven't been at it for a while or perhaps haven't been pushing this hard, you are experiencing some muscle soreness.  It's completely normal to feel some stiffness and muscle aches.  We offer some advice on how to deal with that below.

If you are just joining us, feel free to jump in or start with Day One in our series.  We promise to keep throwing some great workouts at you all month long and you'll only need a few tools to join in [we spell that out what you'll need on Day Two].

And as promised, we will be providing useful info on a variety of fitness topics throughout the month that will help you to become an even better athlete.  To start, we saw that Men's Fitness posted an interesting article on recovering from muscle soreness.  We all deal with that from time to time.  It's part of our growth as athletes.  You can have a look at the entire article here.  But we'll sum it up below as well as add our advice, too.

How To Combat Muscle Soreness
  • You Gotta Move - avoiding further exercise to rest your tired, sore muscles is not always the best answer.  Note: we're talking about muscle soreness rather than injury.  Training with injuries only prolongs the healing process.  But you are bound to have some soreness with training which will lessen with time and consistency.  We've found that sore muscles feel much better once they are warmed up. That first squat or push up the day after can feel a little stiff but after a few minutes working through a warm up similar to the one we've posted above, you'll feel much better.
  • Tart Cherry Juice - Men's Fitness suggested a little tart cherry juice in your post-workout drink.  It is believed to contain anti-inflammatories that can help ease soreness.  Here's an interesting read on the benefits of tart cherry juice.
  • Start with Starbucks - Ann Kulze, MD and author of the Eat Right for Life series says that drinking coffee before your workout can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue by as much as half.  There are studies on it here.  Cool.  Ann is my new best friend.  [Like I needed an excuse for Starbucks??]
  • Ice It Up - If you've got a particularly stiff area, Men's Fitness found that icing it is an even better solution to the hot bath.  They suggested a bag of crushed ice wrapped in a towel.  If you don't have crushed ice on hand, grab a bag of frozen veggies [like peas] and use that.
  • Medicinals - The Arnica Plant was found to help reduce muscle aches and pains too and it can be found in gels or creams.  I've been a firm believer [and practicer] in using Fish Oil to help with muscle soreness and joint mobility.  A pill a day at bedtime has kept me feeling great.
  • Deep Tissue Massage - Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  Yep, sign me up for a few of these a week.
Have any friends signed up with you for our series yet?  It's always better with two.  Get a neighbor or a friend at work to join in and keep each other motivated.  We'll keep posting workouts and advice every weekday on our Facebook page so jump on there, Like Us and share!