Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Many strength coaches and athletes alike are seeing the enormous benefit that kettlebell training brings.  Quite often, it's the simple tools that, when creatively utilized, bring about some of the highest levels of fitness.  And at the end of the day, the pieces that keep your interest and keep you reaching for them are the tools that you'll come to love and master.

The kettlebell is one of those simple tools with such amazing versatility, those that aren't training with them are really missing out.  We've got seven distinct advantages that put the kettlebell out in front and keep it there.  And the home gym equipped with even a small set of three kettlebells gets the job done well.

Here's 7 Great Benefits of Kettlebell Training:

  • Versatile - most any movement that can be done with the barbell can be done with a kettlebell.  In fact, the kettlebell brings opens up even more exercises that just can't be done with a bar.  Ever tried a kettlebell 'Figure Eight" or kettlebell "Halo" with a bar?  And Kettlebell swings just can't be done with a bar either.  The kettlebell is most certainly one tool you can use differently every single day.  That means you won't get bored easily and there's always something new to keep you challenged.
  • Portable - one of the best things we like about the kettlebell is it's portability.  Easy to bring out on the floor and put away when done and they travel easily for times you are away from the gym.  They take up the fraction of the space of other equipment which keeps your gym floor open for movement.
  • Great for Small Spaces - for those that are training in tight quarters or spaces with low overhead room, the kettlebell still offers an amazing workout and if you can fully extend your arm overhead without hitting the ceiling then kettlebells can go overhead, It's that simple.  Barbells require at least another 10" of overhead space.
  • Wider Range of Motion - with is much more compact design and small center of gravity, the kettlebell can travel most anywhere your hand can.  That's saying a lot.  From swings to cleans, passing or lifting, the range of motion is nearly limitless.  And that means you can pinpoint certain movements and muscle groups with a kettlebell.  Convinced yet?
  • Easier for Beginners - many of today's instructors train many of their new athletes with kettlebells because of many of the advantages listed above as well as the ability to better manage the amount of load on the athlete as well.  With the wider range of lighter weight available in the kettlebell, it becomes the smart choice to use when introducing movements to the beginner.  And since many barbell movements can be mimicked with the kettlebell, the athlete can learn more easily with less weight.
  • Great for Large Classes - when equipped with a barbell, an athlete needs a minimum of 72 square feet of space to move comfortably [about an 8'x9' area] and to keep themselves and others around them safe.  When class sizes start to squeeze in on available floor space, outfitting athletes with kettlebells instead of barbells can keep everyone well challenged in a much smaller footprint.
  • Zero Disadvantage - Although there are other tools out there for strength training, a properly equipped kettlebell gym can provide many of the same advantages as other strength gyms.  Heavy double kettlebell cleans and presses will most certainly tax the athlete in many of the same ways that heavy barbell movements can.
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