Friday, May 22, 2015

The Pull Up Bar and CrossFit Rig - What Height is Right?

Here at Hammerhead Strength Equipment, we get many questions on equipment, and proper installation.  One common question is the how high do I install my wall mounted pull up bar or affiliate rig bars.  The Pull Up bar, either in a garage or a CrossFit / Functional Fitness gym, is a fundamental piece of equipment.  Pull ups, toes to bar, and bar muscle ups, are just a few of the basic movements.  Having the correct height is crucial for full utilization of the bar.

So, how high do I put the bars?  Well, there are a couple of thing to consider, and the answer varies depending if it is a home gym, or a CrossFit / Functional Fitness gym.

Home Gym: 
The first thing to think about is who is going to be using the pull up bar?  As long as the ceiling height allows, think of the tallest person who will be working out with you.  What we recommend is to stand on your toes and mark the height on the wall of your fingers when your hands are extended above your head.  That height should be the bottom of the pull up bar.  That will be high enough for kipping, toes to bar, and the rest of the exercises that you will be using your bar for.  (as a disclaimer, bar muscle ups are contingent on your ceiling height.  We are not responsible for holes in drywall or lumps on head if ceiling is not high enough!)  If you have a mix of athletes using the bar, you may need to use bumpers or a plyo box to allow shorter athletes to get their hands on the bar.

CrossFit Box:  Now, there is no "correct" answer here.  I have had a couple of conversations about Pull Up Rack bar height with quite a few box owners, like Daniel Davidson at CrossFit Mainline in Ardmore, PA.  Here is what it boils down to....  We typically recommend two basic heights.  (and with our offset bars standard, you really get four heights).  As a gym owner, you can set half of the bars to a height that works for you, and one for someone who is not quite as tall as you.  You will probably not want to put them in the lowest height (you may knock your head if you forget to duck) or at the max 9' height (unless you have a few 6'9" athletes).  But, here is what we recommend.  Put the bars at "reasonable" heights.  As the athlete base grows, you will of course get a wider range of heights needed.  It is very simple to change the height of the bars as your needs change.  Multiple heights can alleviate the need for bumpers or boxes to get your athletes on the bar.  Nobody wants to worry about tripping on a bumper during Fran.  There is enough to worry about.

We hope this helps.  Please feel free to call us any time with any questions.  Also, please comment below with any thoughts that you have.


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