Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hanging Gymnastics Rings and Climbing Ropes

To get the most out of what gymnastics rings and climbing ropes have to offer, you've got to get them installed high overhead.  Mounting either too low and their usefulness is limited.


Height - Ideally, gymnastics rings should be able to be hung high enough so they are just out of arm's reach with at least three feet of clearance overhead.  Since each athlete is sized differently, here's a simple method to determine the ideal mounting height based on your height.  While standing next to a wall and your arms comfortably at your sides with fingertips extended to the floor, have a partner mark the wall with a pencil at the top of your head [Mark "A"] and also place a mark on the wall at your extended fingertips [Mark "B"].  The optimum height to mount the rings is at "A" plus the distance from "A" to "B".  If your space is high enough to allow the hanging point of your gymnastics rings to be at that point or higher, then you can take full advantage of all the exercises the rings can offer.

Width - And it's important to keep your gymnastics rings at a comfortable width.  Too close together and it can be difficult to get your upper body up through the rings for ring dips, skin the cats and muscle ups for example.  Too far apart and an increasing amount of strain is placed on the shoulders.  Optimum distance apart is about 20" and the rings should be hanging parallel.

Hardware - Hanging gymnastics rings from just any hardware is somewhat risky.  If you've got the rings installed well overhead, you might be performing ring dips, ring pull ups or even static holds at a point that you wouldn't like to fall from.  That's why it's important to think smartly about how to safely hang each gymnastic ring.  A mounting system that has only one point of connection per gymnastic ring is not ideal.  With one attachment failure you leave yourself open to serious injury.  Attachment hardware with multiple anchors per strap [redundancy] increases safety tenfold.

Gymnastic Ring Hanger - A hanging system such as the one to the right provides three or more anchors [up to five total] and greatly increases safety and support.  And with fully welded smooth, round eyelets properly spaced to hang ring straps from, the rings are installed at their most comfortable width and are not subject to fraying straps.

Whether your gym is in a basement, garage or in a full commercial facility, hanging gymnastics rings at the proper height and width maximizes their effectiveness.  And with multiple attachment anchors and a smooth surface for the ring straps to slide on means more safety for everyone.


One of the most effective tools to building raw pulling strength is the climbing rope and to get the full potential of the rope, it also needs to be installed well overhead.

Just like the gymnastics rings, the higher the climbing rope, the more effective this tool is.  For those that aren't quite ready to 'free' pull up the rope, pulling your body from flat on your back to standing is a great way to scale the movement while still providing benefit to your pulling strength.

Our Adjustable Ceiling Hanger System is ideal for the Garage Gym or the Commercial Facility for hanging both climbing ropes and gymnastics rings. With multiple attachment anchors over it's six foot span, our mounting system can be installed with confidence.  And multiple mounting positions along it's length allow you to install gymnastics rings and climbing ropes in any combination.

Take the guesswork out of mounting these tools in the gym with our easy to install, super strong hanging systems. We include all mounting hardware so you can get underway right out of the box.

Thanks to the athletes of Victor CrossFit. Equipment like our Hanger System is a great addition to any gym.

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