Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Home Gym

Setting up the perfect garage gym isn't always about how much equipment or how much weight you have.  It isn't about having that latest gadget either and the all in one gyms are becoming the thing of the past.

Equipment that expands the way you can move your own bodyweight is by far the most popular and effective and what's more, nearly all of the equipment that fits into this category is low cost and doesn't plug into the wall.  And that translates into less stuff that breaks.

Since when did treadmills and ellipticals trump running outside in the fresh air?  So maybe you've got to throw on another layer when the weather drops below 50, but is it all that bad?  Who hasn't rooted for the athlete that's running on the side of the road getting after it when the weather is less than ideal.

It's for reasons like this that old-school grass roots fitness equipment is back in style and we think it's here to stay.  Many are realizing that tools like kettlebells, pull up bars and plyo boxes are taking over garage gyms around the country because it's all about unplugging the machines and plugging yourself in - to your workout.

The Pull Up Bar is undoubtedly one of the most versatile training tools that not only is a platform for building great upper body strength, but it's also great for building your core.  And if the pull up is just out of your current strength, resistance bands can easily and safely pull it back within reach.  

And when you are finished with that set of pull ups or knees to elbows, slide on a set of gymnastics rings for ring dips or ring pushups.  The pull up bar makes a great mounting station to hang the rings from and you can push them out of the way when you're done.

The Plyo Box is another great 'no-plug-in' piece that gets you moving your body on your own terms.  And whether you choose to jump on one of the three heights or use it as a platform to elevate your feet for push ups, it's a great tool.

Borrowing it's name from "Plyometrics", this six sided wonder not only imparts a great set of lungs to the consistent user, but swapping weight for speed with this tool is a great game changer.  What's that mean, you ask?  Instead of jumping on and off the box, next time hold a kettlebell or bumper plate overhead and step up on and then off.  When you lower the intensity that speed brings, the added weight steps that intensity right back up.

As with anything, improvement and change only comes about by putting together a training plan and sticking to it.

And keeping that training varied yet intense is the secret to keeping your interest and when you're interested, you'll keep at it.

It's never about how many tools you own, how new, how expensive or how unique, it's about using the tools you do own consistently.  We'll wager that with even four great pieces - such as the pull up bar, gymnastics rings, plyo box and medicine ball you can put together over 100 different training plans.  Keep it varied and keep it intense.