Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hammerhead Gymnastics Ring Hanger

One of the first pieces of equipment that should grace any garage gym is a set of gymnastics rings.  We can't stress enough how much versatility, scalability and results you'll get from owning them.

And although you can hang your rings from a wall mounted or ceiling mounted pull up bar, you'll get the most out of them if you can hang them up high so that you can hang in a supported position with your head clearing the ceiling and your feet not touching the floor.

We introduced our gymnastics ring hanger back in 2012 because we knew our garage gymmers needed a safe, permanent solution to keep our gymnastics rings installed as high as their ceiling levels would allow to open up all the exercises that gymnastics rings have to offer.

Ideally, gymnastics rings should hang high enough that you can hang in a vertical supported position with your head clear of the ceiling and your feet off the ground.  That distance varies from athlete to athlete so here's a simple formula that works for everyone and all you need is a tape measure.

Stand against the wall with your hands comfortably at your sides and have a friend mark your height with a pencil on the wall.  Mark that point letter "A".  Then, with your hands at your side, point your fingers toward the floor and mark the point to the bottom of your fingers letter "B".

With these two measurements your ideal height for mounting gymnastics rings is "A" + the distance between "A" and "B".  Its an easy method to measure and it also includes a few extra inches just to be sure your head clears overhead.

If you've got that overhead clearance in your garage or basement then you've got all the space you'll need to open up all of the exercises that gymnastics rings have to offer.  But even if your ceiling falls a little short of that distance, hanging the rings on our ring hanger is still a great choice.

Regardless of your overall mounting height, hanging gymnastics rings safely is everyone's top priority.  If you've ever been cycling through a set of muscle ups or moving through an inverted hang, the security and stability of your ceiling attachment is paramount.

Here's what our Gymnastics Ring Hanger offers:  

Three Points of Protection - The more advanced your skills become, the position of your body relative to the floor gets more and more precarious.  Our ring hanger comes with [5] 1/2" thick by 4" long wood anchors.  We suggest a minimum of three be installed but give you the option of two more.  Front Levers, Back Levers, Skin the Cats and Inverted Hangs are certainly fun to practice and with our minimum three anchor points, you can continue to concentrate on your gains.  

Anchor Insertion Length - Most home construction is either 2x4 lumber for garages or 2x6 lumber for floor joists.  To provide for the strongest attachment to those studs, you want a lag screw in the middle of that stud and 3" deep.  Our 1/2" anchors measure 4" in length to allow for the extra 1" thickness of the bracket.  We also suggest you pre-drill the mounting holes with a 1/4" diameter bit to keep the stud from splitting.  1/2" diameter anchors are thick and that pre-drilled hole will allow you to [1] confirm that you've hit a stud and [2] make driving that anchor all the way home easier without sacrificing strength.  And here's a little gear tip - coat the threads of the anchor with bar soap and it will drive even easier into the pre-drilled hole.

Proper Ring Spacing - Our fully welded Ring Strap Brackets are properly spaced to keep your gymnastics rings the correct, comfortable distance apart and oriented parallel to your body.  Inadequate spacing - either too wide or too narrow - will cause an increasing amount of stress on your shoulders which can lead to injury as well as halt your progress toward some of the advance movements such as the muscle up.  the ideal spacing for rings is just about 20" apart for most athletes.

Rope Climb Attachment - Not long after we introduced our gymnastics ring hanger, it dawned on us that we could easily give our garage gym athletes even more for their money.  A few short months after we put our ring hanger into production we added a set of holes right in the middle of our bracket to allow a climbing rope attachment to be added.  So as your strength increases and your garage gym equipment list develops, you can add a climbing rope to our ring hanger at any time.  And you won't even have to take it down off your ceiling.  Our design allows you to install the climbing rope attachment even when the bracket is already anchored to the ceiling.

Gymnastics rings are not only fun to use and scalable to any level athlete, they're even more effective when hanging up high.  Browse our selection of gymnastics rings and hangers here.