Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter is here, keep your kids active!

Up here in the North East, winter has arrived!  It is cold out, and the snow is falling.  There are many ways for you and your kids to stay active this time of year.  Skiing, sledding, snow shoeing, and building snow men top the list.

But what about the days that it is way too cold to be outside, or you aren't able to take the time to hit the slopes with the kids?

Well, I have a few ideas that can keep the kids moving and interested in staying fit over the long, cold winter.

Have a WOD with the kids:  As you know, it does not take a lot of equipment or time to get a good workout.  Body weight exercises (sit up, push up, squats and burpees come to mind).  You can put together these movements in many different orders and time configurations to keep the kids moving all winter long. 

Add equipment to the basement or the play room:  If you have ever seen kids arrive at a CrossFit Gym, the first thing that they go to is the rings or the ropes hanging from the ceiling.  There is no reason that you can't put a Gymnastic Ring Hanger of a Climbing Rope Hanger in your house for the kids.  (of course, make sure they have adequate padding and supervision and instruction).  These are fun, and can be used for multiple uses.  We have had customers make a Ninja Warrior type bedroom and activity rooms using these hangers, with cargo nets, ropes, rings, peg boards and even swings!  Neighborhood kids come over and have a great time and stay active (better than spending hours in front of the X-Box!).

Possibly you have a garage gym or basement of your own?  Of course you can get your kids on your pull up bar (they may need bands or a box to help them get up there!)  Don't forget the built in games on the Concept2 rower to keep the kids interested and fit in a fun way.

Don't forget your local CrossFit Box.  Many offer CrossFit Kids classes.  I know my daughter loves heading down to Victor CrossFit, in Victor, NY for instruction and a WOD during the week.

Keep the kids busy this winter!  Feel free to contact me any time with ideas, questions or comments.

Thanks for your time

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