Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The open is over for most of us, now what?

How did the CrossFit Open go for you? 

For a majority of us, we can look back and see where our strengths and weakness were exposed.  In only 5 workouts the field was whittled down from an international field to the regional competitions. 

Was it the skill work, like the toes to bar or double unders?  How was the volume of work on 16.4?  Or a true lung burner like thrusters and burpees? 

These workouts were meant to challenge everyone from the new CrossFitter, to the most experienced games athlete.  And they did.  Just ask the athletes at any CrossFit box, like John Matheus of CrossFit Cariari.  They have the luck of working out in Costa Rica in the great weather!

Well, again, the open is done.  So, we all go back to our regular classes and continue our fitness path.  You many not want to be an open athlete, or possibly you do.  That is completely a personal decision and goal.

No matter what your goals, you can always improve on the movements that tripped you up in the Open.  A barbell with bumpers, pull up bar, and jump rope will allow you to work on most of the movements that we endured this last Open season. 

Having that very basic equipment at home allows you the flexibility to work on your skills, on your schedule.  I personally love going into the gym, and the class style workouts and the camaraderie that forms in the box.  But, I can't always work on specifics at the gym.  The classes are pretty full, and WOD of the day.  Being able to work on muscle ups or double unders at home on my own time certainly has benefits.  I am probably not going to go as intense on my own (just me, and I know it) but I can certainly improve the skills without killing myself (I will save that for the WOD).
focused on the skills, lift and

A small investment in your home, and lead to great benefits next time the open comes around.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

the Hammerhead Strength Equipment Team